Anil Grover recalls the “difficult day” he spent with Shah Rukh Khan the day his brother Sunil Grover underwent heart surgery. “SRK was unaware of”

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Earlier this year, comedian and actor Sunil Grover suffered a heart attack. While he lay in the hospital, his brother, Anil Grover, was dealing with a serious situation. Anil revealed in a recent interview that the day of Sunil’s surgery was a “very difficult day” for him because he was meant to be having a meeting with Shah Rukh Khan at his Mannat residence. Anil claimed to be “extremely torn,” but after receiving Sunil’s blessings, he felt more assured and managed to get through the day.

In a chat with YouTuber Siddharth Kannan, Anil shared, “On January 27, he (Sunil Grover) was going to get operated on, and that was the day we had our second sitting with Shah Rukh sir. So I was feeling very torn in that moment. That situation was very tricky for me. That was a very difficult day for me.” Anil said that it was his second meeting with Shah Rukh, but before he went inside Mannat, he spoke to his brother, who gave him the courage to go ahead and focus on the script reading session rather than worry about him.

Dunki' actor Anil Grover recalls meeting Shah Rukh Khan while brother Sunil Grover underwent surgery | Hindi Movie News - Times of India

“The last message I sent was to Bhaiya that I was going there, and he gave his wishes and blessings. It took me a while to decide if I should go or not. Finally, I spoke to him, and he gave me some courage. Then, I went in,” he shared, taking a while to decide if I should go or not. Finally, I spoke to him, and he gave me some courage. Then I went in,” he shared.

Anil Grover responded that nobody knew anything about Sunil Grover’s health when he was asked if Shah Rukh Khan or director Rajkumar Hirani were aware of it. Nobody was aware. I kept it a secret. “I can’t even remember what I was exactly going through, but it was definitely a difficult time,” he continued. “I don’t know why, but I did not.” Anil stated that, although they might have thought I was uneasy or nervous, they were unaware of the true cause of his discomfort.

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