Animal Box Office Collection Day 42: Ranbir Kapoor’s film roars past ₹900 crore mark, showing strength

In a cinematic feat, “Animal,” the dark gangster drama starring Ranbir Kapoor, has continued its relentless box office rampage, breaking through the esteemed 900 crore mark worldwide on its 42nd day in theaters. Since its release on December 1, the film has exceeded expectations, solidifying its position as one of the highest-grossing Indian films of all time.

*Day 42 Box Office Performance:*

On its 42nd day, “Animal” demonstrated remarkable staying power, accumulating an estimated ₹0.35 crore in net collections from Hindi screenings in India. While this figure marks a significant drop from the film’s opening days, it attests to the movie’s ability to maintain a strong draw despite the challenges posed by new releases and changing audience dynamics.

*Global Triumph:*

The global performance of “Animal” presents an even more vibrant picture, with international collections surpassing 244 crores, contributing to the film’s overall worldwide total soaring past the coveted 900 crore mark, as reported by Sacnilk data. This milestone cements “Animal” as a colossal success on the global cinematic stage.

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Animal Box Office Collection Day 42: Ranbir Kapoor’s film roars past ₹900 crore mark, showing strength


*Stiff Competition Overcome:*

Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s “Animal” faced a tough battleground, encountering competition from heavyweight releases like Shah Rukh Khan’s “Dunki,” Prabhas’ “Salaar,” and the much-anticipated DCEU installment, “Aquaman 2.” Despite this formidable competition, the movie showcased resilience and adept maneuvering, sustaining its momentum and emerging as a profitable venture for its creators.

*Success in the Face of Controversy:*

Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s directorial journey, marked by films like “Arjun Reddy” and “Kabir Singh,” has consistently courted controversy for its portrayal of toxic masculinity. “Animal” follows in the footsteps of its predecessors, attracting criticism for its depiction of intense and often controversial themes. However, akin to “Arjun Reddy” and “Kabir Singh,” the controversy has not hindered the film’s commercial success. It appears that the director’s bold approach to storytelling, combined with Ranbir Kapoor’s powerful performance, has resonated with audiences, contributing to the film’s blockbuster status.


At the Animal Hyderabad event, Mahesh Babu refers to Ranbir Kapoor as "India's best actor," and the actor can't stop grinning. Observe
Animal Box Office Collection Day 42: Ranbir Kapoor’s film roars past ₹900 crore mark, showing strength

*Exploring New Frontiers:*

What sets “Animal” apart from its predecessors is its willingness to push boundaries. With an A certificate rating, the film embraces mature themes and intense storytelling. Its almost three-and-a-half-hour runtime challenges conventional norms, inviting audiences into an immersive and intricate cinematic experience. The inclusion of Rashmika Mandanna, Anil Kapoor, and Bobby Deol in prominent roles adds depth to the narrative, creating a cinematic tapestry that captivates and challenges viewers.

*Blockbuster Legacy:*

Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s directorial journey has been marked by the consistent achievement of blockbuster status with each film. Despite controversies and critiques, “Animal” follows in the footsteps of “Arjun Reddy” and “Kabir Singh,” reaffirming the director’s ability to create films that resonate with audiences on a massive scale.

In conclusion, “Animal” stands not only as a testament to Ranbir Kapoor’s acting prowess but also as a cinematic triumph that defies industry norms and challenges audiences to engage with storytelling in new and provocative ways. As it continues its successful run, the film leaves an indelible mark on the landscape of Indian cinema.


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