CarryMinati features on MrBeast’s channel in an epic YouTuber collab video. Don’t miss it!

Did you know CarryMinati will feature on MrBeast’s ‘biggest video ever’? Here’s what we know.

Although MrBeast’s enormous production is expected, it comes as no surprise given the hype around his latest video. According to Jimmy Donaldson (MrBeast), this next release is going to be incredible because it’s his “biggest video ever.” A stellar cast of streamers and YouTubers, including well-known figures like Kai Cenat and Pokimane as well as well-known figures from abroad like Ibai Llanos and Rubius, will be featured in the video. The true kicker, though? Ajey Nagar, better known online as CarryMinati, is an Indian YouTuber who will also be featured.

Hold on, what? You did really read correctly. Surprisingly, CarryMinati, who is well-known for his roast videos, said, “This was so much fun, thank you jimmy for pulling this off, only you can do it lol & Thank you guys for all the support I won’t be there without you,” in response to Mr. Beast’s revelation. “Thank you for coming out,” Mr. Beast retorted, sparing T-Series, the legendary Indian music and film giant he so spectacularly overthrew on YouTube, a humorous roast. He said, “Btw, tell them I said hi if you pass the T-Series HQ on your way home.”

CarryMinati features on MrBeast's channel in an epic YouTuber collab video. Don't miss it!
CarryMinati features on MrBeast’s channel in an epic YouTuber collab video. Don’t miss it!

Following CarryMinati’s disclosure, his Indian fan base went into overdrive, with many excitedly awaiting the release of the video. “Weird situations! opening doors for Indian artists,” a user wrote. “To be honest, I got a jump scare when I saw you in that picture. Another person stated, “I never would have expected it in a million years.” Some even had trouble making him out in the crowd; did you? Look at this:

On July 13, MrBeast’s video is expected to be released in the interim. Not only that, but Mr. Beast is preparing for his most ambitious endeavor to date: a Beast Games competition series on Prime Video. This series, which was revealed on March 19, would pit 1,000 contestants against each other for a whooping $5 million (41 crore Indian rupees) in cash. Though the enormous challenge’s filming date has not yet been revealed, excitement is building.

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