Nitish Kumar, Ram temple. What next? Top-notch BJP Lok Sabha poll plans

In anticipation of the general election that will take place in 2024, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the opposition are getting ready to compete against one another in the polling booths.

Candidates for the Lok Sabha elections in 2024 have begun their campaigns, and both the Bharatiya Janata Party, which is now in power, and the opposition are making every effort to win. Nevertheless, the party that is currently in power is currently gaining momentum.

There are a number of factors that are working in favor of the ruling party, including the opening of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya, which is one of the most significant clarion calls made by the BJP, the verdict of the Supreme Court about the abrogation of Article 370, cracks within the INDIA bloc, and the political vortex in Bihar.

Ram temple, Nitish Kumar. What next? BJP's Lok Sabha poll plans in top gear | Latest News India - Hindustan Times

Political analysts were cited in a column that appeared in the Guardian newspaper in the United Kingdom. The column predicted that the BJP will win all three elections. The report made the observation that, given the current political climate in the country, this appears to be the most likely conclusion. The opposition at the national level appears to be “weak” and “fragmented,” despite the fact that there is some pushback to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in certain regions of south and east India.

What gives the BJP a push in the momentum?

Supreme Court verdict on Article 370 abrogation

In the run-up to the Lok Sabha elections in 2019, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) made it a priority to remove Article 370 of the Constitution in order to eliminate Jammu and Kashmir’s “special status.” This was one of the party’s electoral platforms. The event took place on August 6th, 2019. On the 11th of December, 2023, the Supreme Court supported the judgment that the administration had made.

A significant boost was given to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) by the verdict of the highest court, while the opposition, which had criticized the ruling party on the decision, was dealt a hit.

Evening briefing: Kejriwal reacts to Nitish Kumar's flip-flop | Latest News India - Hindustan Times

A significant portion of the triumph that the BJP achieved after the ruling could be due to the variance of opinion that existed among the members of the INDIA bloc. The Aam Aadmi Party, which is a member of the organization, expressed support for removing Article 370 in 2019. In the meantime, the Left had been advocating for the restoration of the special status, which was somewhat in opposition to the position taken by Congress. In spite of the fact that it was opposed to the action taken by the federal government, Congress never asked that the article be placed back into effect.

Ram temple inauguration

Build a Ram temple in Ayodhya was a long-term promise made by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The consecration of the temple has galvanized voters all over the country, which, according to some political strategists, may convert into more than 400 seats for the party in the Lok Sabha with a fifty percent vote share. This is a goal that was set by Union home minister Amit Shah during the final year of his tenure as party president.

It has been a contributing factor that Prime Minister Modi has been placed at the center of the construction of the Ram temple. From setting the foundation stone to attending the temple’s consecration ceremony as the ‘yajman,’ the Prime Minister is what the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) claims to be the forerunner in the ongoing march in India’s economic, political, and geopolitical arenas in line with the religious zeal.

Rift in INDIA bloc


After the Congress, one of the most important members of the INDIA bloc, encountered unprecedented obstructions in West Bengal during the ongoing Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra, the opposition’s goal of challenging the BJP in the forthcoming national election appears to have been hampered. This is because the Congress was attempting to go through the state. There is a disagreement between the Indian National Congress (INDIA) bloc ally Trinamool Congress and the state unit of Congress on seat-sharing talks for the general elections. As a result, Mamata Banerjee has decided to “go it alone” in the state for the elections.

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In the meantime, another ally, the Aam Aadmi Party in Punjab, is hesitant to reach a compromise with Congress about seat-sharing, which further widens the rift that exists inside the alliance.

On the other hand, the INDIA group was dealt a significant setback on Sunday when its convenor, the JD(U) chief Nitish Kumar, dissolved the ‘Mahagathbandhan’ coalition in the state, resigned as the chief minister, and joined forces with the BJP’s political party.

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