Taapsee Pannu is ‘too happy’ with 10-year boyfriend Mathias Boe: No plans to leave him

In this interview, Taapsee Pannu discusses her long-term relationship with Mathias Boe as well as the 13 years that have passed since they first met. She is the first to confess that dating may be challenging for actors.

In her interview, the actress Taapsee Pannu emphasized the need of possessing a “sense of security” in a romantic partner. In an interview that was conducted by Raj Shamani and uploaded on his YouTube channel, Taapsee stated that in order to be in a relationship with her, “you have to be a man.” She went on to explain the distinction between “a man” and “a boy.” Taapsee, who was most recently seen in the film Dunki, starring Shah Rukh Khan, also divulged information regarding her lover, the badminton player Mathias Boe.

Taapsee says she is 'too happy' with Mathias Boe to leave him for someone  else | Bollywood - Hindustan Times

‘I am way too happy in the relationship’

Taapsee Pannu responded to a question about whether or not it was challenging for her to date when she became an actor by saying, “I have been with the same person (Mathias Boe) ten years now.” I began my career as an actor thirteen years ago, and I first met him in the same year that I made my debut in Bollywood. Since that time, I have been going out with the same guy. I am so content in the relationship that I have no intention of ever leaving him or being with anybody else. I am just too pleased in this relationship. However, based on what I have heard from many in my immediate environment, it is really challenging to find someone when you have achieved success as an actor because you begin to question the authenticity of that someone.

Taapsee Pannu on when she will marry

During the month of July 2023, the actor participated in an Ask Me Anything session on Instagram, during which he responded to a few questions posed by fans. Taapsee was asked by a fan, “Shaadi kab karoge,” which translates to “When will you get married?” The response from the actor was, “So, when am I going to be married? As of right now, I am not pregnant. No, not in the near future. All of you will be informed by me.

What Taapsee once said about her wedding plans

Taapsee Pannu On Her Decade Long Relationship With Mathias Boe: 'Way Too  Happy'

A couple of years back, Taapsee had expressed her desire to be married solely for the sake of having children. The following is an excerpt from an interview that she gave to Pinkvilla in the year 2020: “I will only get married when I want to have babies.” Unwed children are not something I wish to have in my life. Even I don’t want to have a wedding that is over the top. Spending the day with close friends and family will make for a very long day. This affair that spans numerous days is too exhausting. In a single day, it will be comparable to a tiny event.

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