Telugu Actor Sai Dharam Tej criticizes YouTuber for obscene joke; FIR is made when actor tags Pawan Kalyan.

Following the recent controversy, YouTuber Praneeth Hanuman received heavy criticism from Tollywood celebrities and the general public for his inappropriate comments on child molestation. This prompted the Telangana State Cyber ​​Security Board (TGCSB) to file a First Information Report (FIR).

Sai Dharam Tej’s Outrage and FIR

Sai Dharam Tej, known for his strong stance on social issues, came on X (then known as Twitter) to counter Praneeth’s comments. He described them as “terrible, disgusting and dangerous.” While doing so, he tagged Andhra Pradesh (AP Police) Deputy Chief Minister Pawan Kalyan. Reacting to the actor’s statement, Telangana Superintendent of Police Ravi Gupta was quick to respond. Ravi Gupta admitted that a First Information Report (FIR) was lodged against Praneeth.
DGP Gupta responded to the indecent incident involving a child with the following: “A Preliminary Information Report has been sent to the TGCyberBureau, following which strict action has been taken. Besides this, he stressed the commitment of the Telangana government.” he has given emphasis to child protection, the importance of child protection and how to educate people about responsibility.”

social media use.”Besides, Chief Minister Revantareddy expressed concern and thanked Sai Dharma Teja for bringing the matter to public notice. Our government places a high priority on ensuring that children are protected. That was reaffirmed. “We will investigate this incident and take appropriate action.”

Manchu Manoj and Nara Rohith’s Calls for Action

In an interview with X, Manchu Manoj urged the Chief Minister of Telangana and other officials to take severe action against Praneeth. The following is an excerpt from what he wrote: “It is appalling to see individuals like @phanumantwo spreading abuse and hate under the guise of humor.” Both the protection of women and the safety of children should be our top priority.
The fact that silence and inaction are not viable solutions was another point that Manoj brought up. He emphasized that he had previously attempted to engage Praneeth in conversation about women’s issues.

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Nara Rohith echoed these sentiments, tagging government officials and emphasizing that while freedom of expression is crucial, it must be balanced with responsibility. “These unacceptable remarks about a little girl and her father are reprehensible. Governments should take stringent action against such audacity,” he remarked.

Praneeth’s Apology and Social Media Reactions

Immediately after receiving the backlash, Praneeth issued an apology to X, saying that he had made a mistake in judgment. In response to the error in judgment, he delivered the following statement: “Unconditionally and unequivocally an apology.” The goal of my efforts was always to put a smile on people’s faces, but I went too far. In a subsequent video, he stressed that his remarks were intended to be a form of black humor and were not intended to minimize the seriousness of child abuse. He expressed his regret over his acts and begged the general public to desist from harming his family.
Praneeth’s effort at humor was criticized by a large number of users on the internet, which led to significant censure resulting from the incident. His comments were criticized for a variety of reasons, including being deemed a mental disease and being criticized for his disrespect for delicate themes.

Government and Police Responses

The Women’s Safety Wing of the Telangana Police Department has stated that a case has been registered and has promised to take stringent action. Given that Praneeth’s base of operations is located in Andhra Pradesh, they are collaborating with the laws of that state. At the same time, the Telangana Cyber Security Bureau reaffirmed its dedication to the protection of children and the proper utilization of social media. Ravi Gupta, the Director General of Police, stated that “we are identifying offenders who are misusing social media for humor and will ensure justice.”
After receiving Sai Dharam Tej’s request, the Andhra Pradesh Police reacted by assuring him that they will conduct a comprehensive investigation into the matter. They made the following statement: “We will investigate whether any cases of this nature have occurred in AP and take immediate action that is necessary.”

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