Terrorists Strike Again In J&K, 6 Injured & 1 Killing


A village in Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir, came under attack late last night by Terrorists, leading to the deaths of a paramilitary man and the elimination of a terrorist during an encounter.

Two confrontations that started in Jammu last night have continued into this morning. One such incident occurred in Doda, where a special police officer (SPO) and five troops were wounded in the initial gunfight.

Tragically, nine pilgrims lost their lives in an attack in Reasi just two days before to these two terror acts in Jammu.

The anti-terrorist operations in Kathua are being overseen by Anand Jain, the Additional Director General of Police (Jammu zone), who earlier today provided information of the encounters.

Regarding the Doda incident, he stated that last night at an army post in the Chattargala area, militants opened fire on a joint group of police and Rashtriya Rifles. He said that militants in the upper echelons are engaging security forces.

Terrorists Strike Again In J&K, 6 Injured & 1 Killing

Last night in Kathua, an attack was carried out by two terrorists, one of whom was killed, according to the police. The second one is being sought in the Hiranagar area of Kathua by security authorities utilizing drones.

According to the authorities, the terrorists had piqued the suspicions of the locals by requesting water from multiple residences. When some of the villagers raised an alert, the terrorists responded by opening fire. According to Mr. Jain, who rejected allegations of three deaths in the Kathua raid, one civilian was wounded in the firing.

Reportedly, three people have died and numerous others have been hurt. “All information regarding hostages being held and death is rumours,” he claimed, adding that only one person was harmed.

Those members of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) who lost their lives in the confrontation were police officers.

The incident in Kathua was characterized by ADGP Jain as a “fresh infiltration” and he indirectly implicated Pakistan without identifying the country. Our country’s tranquil environment is constantly threatened by our antagonistic neighbor. According to him, this (the Hiranagar Terror incident) seems to be a new infiltration.

Because reports of these attacks have come from places traditionally thought to be safe from terrorist activity, Jammu has been in the spotlight.

Share your thoughts A bus traveling to the Shiv Khori cave shrine was attacked in Reasi two days prior. Terrorists opened fire on the bus after the driver refused to let passengers off, according to the management of the bus company. The driver then lost control and plummeted down the ravine. The tragedy saw nine lives lost and thirty-three wounded. Officials stated that Abu Hamza, commander of Lashkar-e-Taiba, had given the order to carry out the operation.

Terrorists Strike Again In J&K, 6 Injured & 1 Killing

following a combined checkpoint strike. An operation to capture a terrorist hiding in Seda Sohal village, Kathua district, is also underway by the police and security forces. This follows an attack near the International Border, which injured one civilian and killed a terrorist.

A gunfight broke out in Doda late on Tuesday night at a police-and 4-Rashtriya-Rifles checkpoint on the Bhadarwah-Pathankot road. As per the most recent reports, the gunfight was still going on, and the wounded security personnel were taken to the hospital. The operation will be intensified with the deployment of reinforcements.

Officials in the Kathua district reported that at around 3 in the morning, a terrorist holed up in Sukhal village opened fire, seriously injuring Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) jawan Kabir Dass. The soldier was transferred to a hospital, but unfortunately passed away while receiving treatment. Last night, a CRPF member was pronounced dead and sent to the hospital. No matter what comes up, our whole medical staff is here to help. According to Chief Medical Officer Dr. Vijay Raina, a post-mortem will be carried out.

Terrorists Strike Again In J&K, 6 Injured & 1 Killing

Police and members of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) have sealed off the village of Seda Sohal and are searching every home in the area for the terrorist who may be hiding there. Late Tuesday evening, a terrorist was killed in a gunfight with security forces. Two villagers were gravely injured when three assailants hurled a grenade and opened fire on a house in Seda Sohal village, Hiranagar tehsil, Kathua district, J&K.

Tensions were already high before these episodes, which happened on Sunday when an attack on a bus taking pilgrims from the Shiv Khori temple to Katra in Reasi led to nine deaths and 41 injuries when the bus went off the road and fell into a deep ravine.

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