Vicky Jain Shockes Fans on Bigg Boss 17 by Pushing Abhishek Kumar Violently


Vicky Jain Shockes Fans on Bigg Boss 17 by Pushing Abhishek Kumar Violently

Vicky Jain Violently Pushes Abhishek Kumar In Bigg Boss 17, Fans Are Shocked

A heated verbal argument inside the Bigg Boss 17 house turned violent as actor and contestant Abhishek Kumar was violently pushed by fellow contestant Vicky Jain. This was a shocking turn of events. After several provocations from competitors Isha Malviya, Samarth Jurel, and Ankita Lokhande—all of whom appeared determined to enrage Abhishek—the incident transpired.

When Vicky Jain, who had not been involved in the first exchange, entered the conversation and started making disparaging remarks about Abhishek, the confrontation took a dark turn. Throughout their time in the Bigg Boss house, Vicky has persistently tried to corner and intimidate Abhishek, frequently using derogatory remarks.

The fact that Vicky threatened to “kill” Abhishek outside of the reality show earlier in her statement has caused the situation to escalate. Vicky purportedly stated that she had the contacts needed to execute the threat, which sparked worries about Abhishek Kumar’s safety and wellbeing outside of the Bigg Boss house.

Many fans and viewers have expressed their outrage on social media platforms, widely denouncing the incident. Law enforcement and Bigg Boss organizers have joined the chorus of people calling for action against Vicky Jain’s violent conduct.

The Bigg Boss 17 house is tense as the controversy develops, and fans are anxious to see how the show will address the violent episode. The event highlights how crucial it is to keep the reality show’s atmosphere civil and safe, and it has sparked debate about the necessity of tougher regulations to stop similar incidents from happening in the future.




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