How the Goa police apprehended the start-up CEO who allegedly murdered a 4-year-old boy: bloodstains, a vigilant taxi driver, and a false address.


Authorities in Karnataka’s Chitradurga district say they apprehended Suchana Seth as she attempted to escape in a taxi with her son’s body concealed in a bag.

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According to the state police, a start-up CEO from Bengaluru, who was staying at a hotel in Goa, allegedly killed her kid, who was four years old, because of strained relations and what could have been a custody fight. Authorities in Karnataka’s Chitradurga district say they apprehended Suchana Seth as she attempted to escape in a taxi with her son’s body concealed in a bag.

The woman stated during interrogation that her connections with her spouse were poor and that they are currently going through with a divorce… that her dissatisfaction was prompted by a court order. So far, the court order remains unseen. She claimed to be estranged. All of this needs to be confirmed… Nidhin Valsan, the North Goa Superintendent of Police, stated that the motivation has not been determined yet.

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“As per a recent court order, her husband was supposed to get custody of the child on Sundays, though all of this is being verified,” an officer confirmed.

On January 6, Seth, a resident of Thanisandra in Bengaluru, made an internet reservation through AirBnB and checked into a service apartment at Hotel Sol Banyan Grande in Candolim, which is located in North Goa. She was accompanied by her son. On the evening of January 7, at approximately one in the morning, Seth informed the personnel of the hotel that she was going to check out and asked them to make arrangements for a taxi transportation to take her to Bengaluru.According to SP Valsan, “The hotel staff suggested that she take a flight to Bengaluru because the fare for a cab would be an excessive amount of money; however, she insisted on taking a cab.” The personnel at the hotel made arrangements for the taxi, which was an Innova, and she checked out of the hotel at approximately 1.30 in the morning with her luggage.

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When the hotel personnel went to clean the service apartment on Monday morning at ten o’clock, they saw bloodstains on the floor and promptly alerted the Calangute police. According to the police, the hotel staff immediately informed the police. The individuals working at the hotel informed the authorities that the woman’s son was not present with her when she left the establishment.The taxi driver was contacted by the police inspector from the Calangute police station, and he and the woman were placed on the phone together for a conversation. In response to the inspector’s inquiry regarding the whereabouts of her kid, she declared that she had left her son at the residence of a friend in Margao and provided the inspector with the address of the friend’s residence. According to SP Valsan, the police inspector made contact with the individual in command of the Fatorda police station and requested that he inquire at the address they provided.

“It was discovered that the address was a phony, which prompted suspicion. Therefore, the police inspector made another phone call to the taxi driver. When the police spoke to him this time in Konkani, they requested that he drive to the nearest police station in a discrete manner. To reach the Aimangla police station, which is located in the Chitradurga district of Karnataka, the cab driver drove. “The body of her son was discovered stuffed inside her suitcase when the Karnataka police checked it,” said Principal Superintendent Valsan.

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A Goa police squad arrived in Chitradurga late on Monday night, and the woman was taken into prison following their arrival. Following the placement of her on transit remand, she was transported to Goa, where she is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday afternoon in Mapusa.

According to a statement made by a law enforcement officer, the taxi driver for the trip to Bengaluru had charged Rs 30,000. During the time that he was picking up her luggage, he said to the authorities that he had the impression that the suitcase was particularly heavy, but he did not give it much thought.

Bloodstains were discovered in the flat that was located in the hotel. At a morgue located in the district of Karnataka, the body has been kept for safekeeping. SP Valsan said that the cause of death and other facts will be revealed after the post-mortem examination has been completed.

According to the police, the woman’s husband is currently located in Indonesia and has been requested to travel to Goa that he be questioned.

Seth has been charged with murder under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), causing the removal of evidence of an offense under section 201 of the IPC, and violating section 8 of the Goa Children’s Act, according to the complaint that was filed by the supervisor of the hotel.

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