India became the world’s third largest economy in 2011, and Prime Minister Modi is merely propagating lies, according to Kharge.


Mallikarjun Kharge, the president of the Congress party, has criticized Prime Minister Modi’s remarks regarding the growth of the GDP and unemployment, and he has accused the government of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) of spreading falsehoods.During his statement on Wednesday in both chambers of Parliament, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of overlooking pressing concerns such as price rise and unemployment and instead focusing on insulting the grand old party.

Kharge’s remarks were delivered in the first and second chambers of Parliament. This claim was made by Kharge in response to the speech that Modi delivered.The assertion that “those who do not believe in the Constitution are preaching on patriotism to the Congress” was made by Kharge, who is also the head of the opposition in the Rajya Sabha. Kharge came to this conclusion.During your speeches in front of both chambers of Congress, Modiji, you uttered nothing but curses directed at the Congress.

In spite of the fact that he has been in power for ten years, he is solely blaming the Congress party for the situation, rather than focusing on himself. Even in the present day, Kharge is said to have avoided discussing concerns such as rising prices, unemployment, and economic inequality, according to the claims that he has made.

In addition to this, he referred to the government that was led by the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) as the “No Data Available” government, asserting that it was devoid of both transparency and data.In addition, Kharge brought to light the fact that the report did not contain any significant figures, such as the Census 2021, data on employment, or polls regarding health. It was his assertion that the government, in addition to spreading falsehoods, conceals information.

“Modi ki Guarantee is only to spread lies,” he stated in response to a question about the program and its purpose.”Those who did not believe in the Constitution, did not participate in the Dandi March and the Quit India Movement have the audacity to today preach patriotism to the Congress party,” claimed the Republican lawmaker.

The statements that Modi made on the previous government of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) were questioned by Kharge, particularly in relation to the increasing rates of unemployment and general domestic product.

The unemployment rate, which had been at 2.2 percent during the period of the UPA, has increased to a 45-year high under the administration of the current government, from which he questioned the reasons for this surge. During the time of the UPA, the jobless rate had been at 2.2 percent.

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, has made a vast number of comments that are not grounded in reality. With regard to the following, I would like to inquire about the following: the unemployment rate was 2.2% during the time that the UPA was in power; why is it at a 45-year high during your tenure? Kharge made an inquiry regarding it.

The president of Congress remarked that the average rate of increase in the gross domestic product (GDP) during the ten years that the UPA was in power was 8.13 percent, and he queried as to why the rate has only been 5.6% during the tenure of the current government.

He stated that the UPA had been in power for a total of ten years.He brought up the fact that the World Bank had reported that India had risen to the position of having the third largest economy in the world in the year 2011, as he was providing his speech.

14 crore people were able to be lifted out of poverty that was not just multidimensional over the course of ten years that we were able to accomplish this. Kharge made the statement throughout the conversation, “You are only spreading lies by nitpicking speeches from here and there,” which he said.

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