Lok Sabha Election 2024 LIVE Updates: Congress spreading false narrative, making fake videos: PM in Gujarat

As the Lok Sabha Election 2024 gains momentum, political leaders from across the spectrum are leaving no stone unturned in their bid to sway voters and secure victory for their respective parties. With the third phase of voting in the Lok Sabha elections scheduled to take place on May 7, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi are among those actively engaging in election campaigning to rally support for their candidates.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a prominent figure in Indian politics, addressed an election campaign in Gujarat, a key battleground state where the BJP has traditionally enjoyed strong support. Gujarat’s significance in the Lok Sabha elections cannot be overstated, and Modi’s presence at the campaign rally underscores the BJP’s determination to maintain its stronghold in the region. With Gujarat set to vote in the third phase of the elections, Modi’s impassioned address is aimed at galvanizing support and rallying voters behind the BJP’s candidates.

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Meanwhile, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi is set to hold a rally in Dhubri, a constituency currently held by All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) chief Badruddin Ajmal. Priyanka’s visit to Dhubri is significant as it signals the Congress’s efforts to challenge the dominance of regional parties and make inroads into constituencies traditionally held by other political entities. By throwing their weight behind Congress candidate Rakibul Hussain, Priyanka and the Congress party are hoping to turn the tide in their favor and secure a victory in Dhubri.

In addition to Priyanka’s rally in Dhubri, Congress party chief Mallikarjun Kharge is also actively engaged in election campaigning, focusing his efforts on the Gulbarga constituency. Gulbarga, a former stronghold of the Congress party, has seen a shift in political dynamics in recent years. Kharge’s son-in-law Radhakrishna Doddamani, who is contesting as the Congress candidate in Gulbarga, faces the daunting task of reclaiming the constituency for the Congress party. Kharge’s presence in Gulbarga underscores the party’s determination to regain lost ground and emerge victorious in the upcoming elections.

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The Lok Sabha Election 2024 has emerged as a pivotal moment in Indian politics, with political parties vying for supremacy and voters facing crucial decisions that will shape the future of the nation. Against the backdrop of a fiercely contested electoral battle, leaders like Narendra Modi, Priyanka Gandhi, and Mallikarjun Kharge are leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to sway voters and secure electoral victory for their respective parties.

As the campaign trail heats up and election day draws near, the political landscape remains fluid and unpredictable. While the BJP seeks to consolidate its position and maintain its dominance, the Congress party is striving to stage a comeback and regain lost ground. With each rally, speech, and campaign event, political leaders are making their case to the electorate, appealing for their support and promising a better future for the nation.

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As voters prepare to cast their ballots in the Lok Sabha Election 2024, the stakes have never been higher. The outcome of the elections will not only determine the composition of the next government but will also shape the trajectory of the nation for years to come. In this high-stakes electoral battle, every vote counts, and the decisions made by voters will ultimately determine the course of India’s political future.


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