Mamata Banerjee believes Nitish Kumar’s exit from the INDIA bloc would be a ‘good riddance’. Report

Mamata has been quoted as saying that the departure of Nitish Kumar, the head of the JD(U) and the chief minister of Bihar, from the INDIA alliance would be a “good riddance.” This is according to the reports that have been made public. This information originates from a source that is connected to Mamata and is located in close proximity to her.

As a result of rumors that the JD(U) may part ways with the RJD for the purpose of forming the government in the state of Bihar, Mamata Banerjee, the leader of the Trinamool Congress and the Chief Minister of West Bengal, referred to this as a “good riddance” in the midst of the political crisis that has arisen in Bihar. According to Banerjee, this is a “good riddance.” This situation has developed as a consequence of the possibility that the JD(U) will be able to form the administration in the state.

An individual who is close to Mamata has been quoted as suggesting that the departure of Nitish Kumar, the head of the JD(U) and the chief government of Bihar, from the INDIA alliance would be a “good riddance,” as reported by The Telegraph. Nitish Kumar is the current chief minister of Bihar. This individual is someone who is really close to Mamata. The statements are said to have been made by Mamata while she was present at a meet-and-greet session that was held at the Raj Bhavan facility on the occasion of Republic Day, which was observed on Friday.

The function was arranged by Governor CV Ananda Bose. During the commemoration of Republic Day, the event was held in conjunction with the festivities.Based on the information provided by the source, the leader of the Trinamool Congress met with members of the media and close associates at the Raj Bhavan on Friday evening. These discussions were not documented, and they were not disclosed to the general public. “Didi thinks that if Nitish Kumar leaves the INDIA bloc, which is a certainty now, it would be good riddance,” the source said, citing the conversations that took place behind closed doors.

The insider mentioned the meetings that took place behind closed doors.The next statement made by the source was as follows: “She believes that the anti-incumbency that the Nitish-led government would have faced would have resulted in the alliance being terminated.”Mamata is said to have brought up the fact that the grand alliance in Bihar, which comprises JD(U), RJD, and other parties, would not do well in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections if Nitish Kumar did not leave the party during the meet-and-greet session. This is a claim that has been made by Mamata. It is believed that Mamata brought up this particular point in her commentary.

Should Nitish choose to withdraw from the Bihar Grand Alliance, the RJD-Congress would not suffer any financial losses as a result of this event. This is because the RJD-Congress will not be affected by this decision. Mamata is said to have stated that if they had campaigned in collaboration with the JDU, they would not have been able to secure more than six or seven seats out of the forty seats that were available in the state of Bihar. This information has been reported.

Political situation in Bihar.

There are reports that the JD (U) party is forming coalitions with the BJP, and KC Tyagi, the head of the JD (U) party, has stated that the INDIA bloc is on the point of collapsing. This statement comes in the midst of the gossip that the party is doing so. In a number of areas, including Punjab, Bihar, West Bengal, and Uttar Pradesh, he brought to light the fact that political groups that were part of the INDIA bloc had evolved different points of view.An implosion is on the verge of taking place in the cooperation that exists between India and Pakistan.

The coalition is currently in the process of collapsing, despite the fact that we were successful in bringing together all of the parties that are not members of Congress. A disintegration of the Indian alliance is on the verge of occurring in the states of Punjab and Bihar. Similarly, the alliance is currently falling apart in West Bengal. This is happening in a similar fashion. According to Tyagi, who was quoted by the news agency PTI, Akhilesh Yadav has requested that the Congress party work with an open heart in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This information was provided by Tyagi.

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