President Murmu, Macron leave; PM Modi welcomes crowd on Republic Day 2024.


We would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to you as you participate in our live blog coverage of the events honoring the 70th anniversary of Republic Day. We hope that you will find this opportunity to be meaningful.

The big event that took place at Kartavya Path in the nation’s capital, which was graced by President Droupadi Murmu and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was a remarkable display of patriotic fervor and cultural wealth among the people who attended. Both of these illustrious individuals were present during the event that was being considered.

Watch Video: PM Modi Arrives At Kartavya Path For Republic Day Parade

During the Republic Day parade that took place this year, which was held against the backdrop of a historic milestone, there were a lot of stunning activities that took place concurrently. The involvement of French President Emmanuel Macron, who was the principal guest at the celebration, was one of the significant events that took place during these time periods. He was the primary guest at the celebration.

On the occasion of Republic Day in the year 2024, President Murmu and President Macron leave the parade as it is drawing to a close.
On the occasion of Republic Day in the year 2024, President Murmu and President Macron leave the parade as it is drawing to a close.

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Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, paid a deep and poignant tribute to the warriors who had sacrificed their lives in the line of duty during his visit to the National War Memorial, which marked the beginning of the day. This visit was the first event of the day. During the festivities that took place on Republic Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi resumed his custom of donning turbans that were bright and colorful.

This was done in order to commemorate the occasion. It was during the celebration of the 75th Republic Day that he decided to wear a safa ‘pagdi’ (turban) that featured a bandhani print that highlighted a number of different colors. This was accompanied by a brown Nehru jacket and a white kurta-pyjama that he wore while he was attending the event.The Prime Minister of India, along with a number of other dignitaries, gathered at the saluting dais at Kartavya Path following that in order to view the grand parade that embodies the spirit of India’s rich and varied heritage. The parade was something that they were present to see.

The “buggy tradition” was brought back to life by President Murmu on the occasion of the 75th Republic Day, which was held after the passing of Indira Gandhi. This action was taken as a reaction to the fact that the “buggy tradition” had been brought back into existence.

An outstanding President’s Bodyguard who was known as “Rashtrapati Ke Angrakshak” followed President Droupadi Murmu and President Emmanuel Macron as they walked through the city of Washington. Droupadi Murmu and Macron were both traveling through the city. In the Indian Army, the regiment that is considered to be of the highest standing within the army is referred to as the President’s Bodyguard through its official designation. Republic Day is a significant occasion for the regiment since it marks the beginning of their 250th year of committed service, which began in 1773, the year that they were initially established.

As a result, Republic Day is a day that has the regiment an especially significant significance. There will be a dramatic arrival of the two Presidents in the “Traditional Buggy,” which will be a celebration of the restoration of a practice that had been discontinued for forty years. Reviving the tradition for the first time will be a first for this particular instance.

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