Priyanka Chopra reacts to Diljit Dosanjh teaching Jimmy Fallon ‘Sat Sri Akal’ before show debut.

In the upcoming episode of The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, the singer-actor Diljit Dosanjh is scheduled to make his first appearance. He will be making his debut on the show for the very first time. Jimmy and Diljit wanted to get people excited about the impending performance that was going to take place, so they uploaded a photo that they had developed together on Instagram on Tuesday. The shot was intended to make people enthusiastic about the show.

Diljit teaches Jimmy Punjabi

At the beginning of the video, Jimmy Fallon and Diljit greeted one another by hugging one other. This was their way of saying hello. Their way of greeting one another was through the use of this manner.

This is what the words that were added on the video clip read: “Learning how to speak Punjabi with Diljit Dosanjh.” There is a video clip that may be viewed here. Diljit is heard stating, “Punjabi agaye oye,” which can be translated as “The Punjabi are here.” This is heard at the beginning of the story. There were phrases that were spoken, and Jimmy repeated them.

Following the conclusion of that, the vocalist cried out “Sat Sri Akal!” while simultaneously folding his hands beneath his chest. In the Punjabi language, this phrase is equivalent to a form of greeting. Jimmy did an excellent job of following Diljit, who yelled “Wow.” at the end of the phrase. Jimmy’s performance was commendable.

Priyanka Chopra reacts to Diljit Dosanjh teaching Jimmy Fallon ‘Sat Sri Akal’ before show debut.
Priyanka Chopra reacts to Diljit Dosanjh teaching Jimmy Fallon ‘Sat Sri Akal’ before show debut.

Diljit will be seen donning a traditional clothing that comprises of a black half jacket, a turban that matches, and a white kurta pajama dress. This is part of his preparations for the program that he will be participating in. According to the caption that was included with the picture, it read, “Sat Sri Akal! @diljitdosanjh.” In addition to the video, the caption was also transferred to the server. Following the finish of the video, the two persons were seen laughing and snuggling with one another. They were also seen laughing together.

Priyanka reacts to Diljit and Jimmy’s video

The answer that Priyanka Chopra gave to the video was, “It’s the Oye (hey) for me.” It was a sentence like this that she articulated. During her presentation, Guneet Monga used the word “Punjabi.” One of the people who was reading the book said, “What a legend.” A commenter said, “Only star who can teach Punjabi to Hollywood.” The following is an excerpt from that comment.

When it comes to Instagram, there was a person who posted the following: “Global dominance. In addition to the sky itself, there is no limit to everything. Jimmy Fallon was referred to as “Jimmy Dhillon” by another individual during the interview, which was a humorous exchange that took place during the conversation.

Diljit will appear on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

There was a video that Diljit recently uploaded that provided a glimpse from the set of the show. He uploaded a video to Instagram in which he was seen keeping himself and his colleagues busy while they were getting ready for the show.

Through a tweet on multiple social media platforms, he disclosed the fact that he would be appearing on the show. A number of photographs were uploaded by him, and he captioned them with the phrase “PANJABI AAGYE OYEE.” “The Guest for This Week”

Diljit has a consistent track record of shattering records. During his Dil-Luminati tour, which took place in April, he made history by becoming the first Punjabi musician to perform at the BC Place stadium in Vancouver. On Instagram, he posted photographs from the show that was completely sold out.

Diljit’s projects

Surprisingly, Diljit recently made an appearance in the musical biography Amar Singh Chamkila, which was directed by Imtiaz Ali. He was paired with Parineeti Chopra in the film. The life of Amar Singh Chamkila is analyzed in this film, along with the difficulties that he encountered during his life. There are a number of other well-known actors who appear in the movie as well.

These actors include Anjum Batra, Nisha Bano, Apinderdeep Singh, Rahul Mittra, Udaybir Sandhu, Sahiba Bali, Tushar Dutt, Robbie Johal, Pavneet Singh, and Anuraag Arora. Amar Singh Chamkila was made accessible on Netflix on the 12th of April following its release.

Priyanka Chopra reacts to Diljit Dosanjh teaching Jimmy Fallon ‘Sat Sri Akal’ before show debut.
Priyanka Chopra reacts to Diljit Dosanjh teaching Jimmy Fallon ‘Sat Sri Akal’ before show debut.

Diljit is also getting ready to work on his next project, which is Jatt & Juliet 3, which also stars Neeru Bajwa. In addition, Diljit is getting ready to work on this project. In the comedy-drama, both Neeru and Diljit play the part of police officers, with Diljit’s character serving as his supervisor at work.

Neeru is also a protagonist in the film. Additionally, Jasmin Bajwa is included in the movie in a supporting role. It is scheduled to be launched in every region of the world on June 27th. His most recent release, which is the Bhairava hymn from Kalki 2898 AD, is another tune that is gaining attention and is generating a lot of coverage.

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