Top fashion Instagrams: Kiara Advani, Lilly Singh, and Khushi Kapoor wear winter coats and puffers in 2024.


In the first week of the year 2024, the most popular fashion Instagram’s have made a commitment to enliven the lag that occurs during the winter months by presenting some cool winter layers.

Top fashion Instagrams: Kiara Advani, Lilly Singh, and Khushi Kapoor wear winter coats and puffers in 2024.
Top fashion Instagrams: Kiara Advani, Lilly Singh, and Khushi Kapoor wear winter coats and puffers in 2024.

Despite the fact that some people are still getting used to the new year, others have already embraced the ‘new year, new me’ credo, which has led them to overhaul their style mood boards and establish the tone for the year that lies ahead.

The most stylish celebrities ushered in the new year wearing their one-of-a-kind winter attire, which provided a glimpse into the celebration modes they were wearing.


2024 fashion Instagrams: Kiara Advani, Lilly Singh, and Khushi Kapoor wear winter coats and puffers.

Taking into account the significant drop in temperature, we are seeing a wide variety of coats, including quilted coats, tried-and-true puffer jackets, and preppy-styled checkered blazers, that are designed to keep you warm and cozy during the month of January.

However, that is not all; continue reading to view further excellent fashion moments that have been posted on Instagram this week.


At the dawn of the new year, the radiant Kiara Advani and her partner embarked on an exhilarating skiing escapade, enveloped in the wintry embrace of a stunning silver puffer jacket. Their shared journey marked not just the advent of a new chapter but embodied the essence of togetherness—a sentiment woven into the fabric of celebrations welcoming fresh beginnings.


Adorned in a resplendent silver puffer jacket, Kiara epitomized both grace and resilience, navigating the snowy slopes with elegance. The choice of attire resonated with the evolving trend of pillowy outerwear—a quintessential garment seamlessly merging practicality and haute couture.

Through the years, these plush jackets have transcended their utilitarian essence to become a quintessential fashion statement during the frosty winter months.


The allure of the puffer jacket lies not only in its ability to shield against biting colds but also in its sartorial versatility. From metropolitan streets to alpine terrain, its plush silhouette has effortlessly transcended diverse settings.

Its quilted padding, initially designed for insulation, has metamorphosed into a canvas for creativity, embracing an array of hues and textures that accentuate personal style while providing warmth and comfort.


As Kiara and her partner carved their way through snow-capped peaks, the glint of silver against the pristine white backdrop symbolized not just their shared adventure but a broader celebration of unity and companionship.

The essence of the new year’s celebration lies not solely in the spectacle of festivities but in the cherished moments spent in each other’s company—embracing the warmth of love amidst the wintry chill.


Their choice of attire echoed the sentiment that embarking on a new year, much like navigating the slopes, is best done hand in hand.

The silver puffer jacket, a tangible emblem of their joint expedition, reflected the spirit of resilience, adaptability, and timeless elegance—traits that resonate not just in fashion but in the very essence of new beginnings.

In essence, the silver puffer jacket, with its blend of functionality and fashion, stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of celebration—a symbol not just of warmth against the cold but of the warmth found in shared experiences and cherished bonds.


Despite the fact that Advani’s take on outerwear is characterized by a somewhat sporty and glamorous image, fluffy and large jackets have recently become an essential component of daily life. To illustrate this concept, just take a look at the timeless black puffer that Dia Mirza usually wears.

In the most recent photo that Lilly Singh has posted on Instagram, she is wearing a faux fur coat with animal prints that is larger than life for the New Year’s holiday.

If you are someone who enjoys blanket dressing, you should check out this post. Not only did she, but Mira Kapoor also resorted to wearing a fleece overcoat in order to maintain her warmth during the day.


We understand that blanket dressing is not something that everyone enjoys doing. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you want to look sharp and tailored but also comfortable in a cozy jacket, Khushi Kapoor has provided you with the perfect option.

The recently launched actor slid into a 431-88 co-ord set that was both fashionable and comfortable and had suit influences. Her ensemble is the ultimate transitional attire to move from day to night, and it is suitable for any event that may arise.


An outfit that was inspired by a combination of cluelessness and prepster was what Queen B wore for the New Year, while the rest of the world lit up with a glow. Her sartorial option this time around consisted of a checkered jacket and matching little skirt, which she teamed with a sheer bustier top.

This was somewhat of a departure from her previous looks, which were characterized by sparkle and glamour.

That is all for the time being, but there will be more to come the following week. If you want to discover who else made it to the list of the greatest fashion Instagrams of the week, keep scrolling.



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