After months of misery, Hardik Pandya wins India the World Cup.

Hardik Pandya Following one of the most spectacular jailbreaks during a 2022 T20 World Cup match against Pakistan, Hardik Pandya sat down on the MCG press room floor with reporters. Instead of a press conference, there was a mixed media zone, an ICC project that encourages players to meet with fans informally and amiably throughout World Cups. Players are more likely to speak candidly in such an environment since they are less aware of the cameras.

The purpose of the recorder is to capture remarks so that viewers may concentrate on a player’s body language. However, Hardik made a comment that particularly stood out to me, saying that he had overcome his fear of failing and risen beyond the results. Was he stating this in light of India’s victory? Would he have felt any different if India hadn’t?

With a “I said it,” Hardik answered. “I told the boys that it would be alright even if we lost the game, even with three balls remaining. I expressed my pride in our fighting style during the match. As a team, we have put in a great deal of effort both individually and collectively. I would have continued to smile and said, “We gave it everything, and they were just good on that day,” even if we had lost the game.

After months of misery, Hardik Pandya wins India the World Cup.
After months of misery, Hardik Pandya wins India the World Cup.

“I’ve come to terms with the notion that I will have ups and downs in this sport at some point. The more highs I experience, the better, but I will also treasure my lows since failure can teach you a lot of valuable lessons.” In all honesty, this is the proper way to play the sport. This is how you function at your best. Still, I felt compelled to ask, like Seinfeld’s George Costanza did in “The Deal”: “Where are you living? Do you happen to be here? Are you here on Earth? It’s not feasible. It is not possible.

People have been attempting to have their cake and eat it too for thousands of years. So suddenly you’re going to show up and carry it out? Where does the ego come from? Nobody is capable of doing it. It is not possible.” Many have attempted and failed to find that equilibrium. You just can’t do this sport. Play as if you don’t care, but you have to care like crazy. That is nirvana that only the greatest can achieve.

Indeed, Hardik’s injuries reappeared. It wasn’t possible for the sole man in India who is capable of doing what he does. He injured himself once more last year while attempting to field off his own bowling during an incredible ODI World Cup performance. The specifics are irrelevant at this time; eventually, they will undoubtedly have their say; but, following an incident at the Mumbai Indians, nobody dared to come near Hardik.

After months of misery, Hardik Pandya wins India the World Cup.
After months of misery, Hardik Pandya wins India the World Cup.

Everywhere he went, he was jeered at, and eventually the throng made him into a spectacle. Nor did the ball come out of his hand perfectly. The bowling coach for India, Paras Mhambrey, noted that Hardik continued to adhere to the effort, intensity, and net practice regimen while being electronically monitored by the team management. Someday his luck has to run out, Mhambrey claimed.

During this T20 World Cup, things did indeed improve. He was a member of a capable team under the circumstances. The world did not need to weigh on him. First against Ireland and then against Pakistan, wickets began to fall. Runs showed up when they were needed. He looked like a Tamil movie star when he reached the end, with clean cuts and simply a mustache without any facial hair.

Jaspreet Bumrah, his MI teammate, saved the game from certain death until Hardik returned. He got off to a wide slower start and was fortunate enough to catch Heinrich Klaasen, who posed a threat, off balance. Then he became more tense. Cutters enter the field. Nothing elaborate. didn’t attempt to undo it as Bumrah did. preserved it for Bumrah, just as Bumrah had done for him.

In the twentieth over, Bumrah and Arshdeep gave Hardik a lot to defend. David Miller remained even though just 14 runs and two wickets had fallen in the preceding four overs. Furthermore, anything may happen in the final over, particularly if the opening ball flies. It was not going to be bowled in Miller’s arc. By now Hardik was taking his time, running in at a methodical pace. He got the length severely wrong, but the line right.

After months of misery, Hardik Pandya wins India the World Cup.
After months of misery, Hardik Pandya wins India the World Cup.

This is the final over that South Africa had in their possession four overs ago in the World Cup final, but Miller nails these full throws for six when blindfolded. The shot wasn’t the sweetest, but modern bats can travel a long way with the ball. Though it appeared that this was carrying as well, Suryakumar Yadav, Hardik’s other MI teammate, made an incredible catch. We could talk about those replays for a long time. Did Suryakumar’s boot just barely make contact with the line? The likelihood that the boundary triangles had not been moved back to their original positions following an earlier stop was suggested by the tan lines on the outfield.

That’s how near humiliation was for Hardik once more. Picture the tide going out again. These are the margins. Nevertheless, he eventually won the game. The way Rohit pecked Hardik on the cheek is a perfect example of what it can accomplish in sports to be a member of a winning team.

After making two false starts when speaking to Star Sports, a tearful-eyed Hardik eventually said, “Those six months, I wanted those six months of mine.” I was not even able to identify what had happened to me. I had a lot of control. Though I wanted to cry, I refrained. I didn’t want to give my pain to others who were content with it. And I never will.

“Look at the outcome now. This was my opportunity to do so in the last over. I never would have thought this possible. I cannot express myself.”

The most important lesson to learn from all of this is that emotions never truly end until a cricket player retires. Like Rahul Dravid, you can win your first World Cup even after you’ve retired from competition. You have to continue exercising, pick yourself up, and go back to work. And if you can, rise above the outcome and make a living off of it.

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