Ananya Panday’s blue outfit and headband evoke disco; take notes.


In yet another ensemble, Ananya Panday has made her reappearance, and she is looking incredibly amazing and stunningly beautiful. There is no one else who can compete with the fashion princess when it comes to winning the game of style. She completely dominates the competition. She presented us with amazing images that gave us a taste of the glitz and glamour of classic Hollywood. She also had us in fits of laughter at the very moment that we thought we could not take any more of her stunning floral minidresses.

Ananya Panday's blue outfit and headband evoke disco; take notes.
Ananya Panday’s blue outfit and headband evoke disco; take notes.


Kho Gaye Hum Kahan, an actress, has just uploaded pictures of herself wearing a blue dress that has a really vintage, vintage-inspired feel to it. She looks absolutely stunning in her outfit. Her impeccable taste and charm effortlessly bring the fascination of long-gone eras back to life. Ananya Panday is known for her unique retro style, which can be observed by scrolling down the website. Take a look at it first, without further ado, please.

Blue shimmering jumpsuit Ananya Panday


Stunningly beautiful was the blue ensemble that the actress from Dream Girl 2 wore. Her appearance was just stunning. The mesh fabric that was used to make this blue jumpsuit was adorned with a stunning array of crystal embellishments, which made the jumpsuit look very stunning. In addition to giving the jumpsuit a sense of shine, these crystal accents added a sense of luster to the entire basic design.

Ananya Panday

The translucent jumpsuit that Ananya wore, which featured a crisscross halter neckline, was also responsible for highlighting her gorgeous physique. The garment was the ultimate of elegance and sparkle, including a design that did not have sleeves, big legs, and a flared fit from the waist down. This particular article of clothing was produced by Itrh, a well-known brand that is well-known for its glittering patterns and painstaking attention to detail in its products.

Ananya Panday’s flashy accessories

Despite the fact that she plays Liger, the actress is able to accessorize without going overboard with her personal selections. She wore earrings in the shape of rectangles, which provided the ideal amount of glitter, and they were the ideal complement for her lovely blue outfit. She wore crystal embellishments on her clothes, and these silver hoops from the brand Swarovski were a wonderful complement to those ornaments.

Ananya Panday

On the other hand, here is the exciting part: Ananya did not add any more accessories to the ensemble; rather, she allowed the outfit to speak for itself. Considering that you already have a mesh fabric that is absolutely stunning and is embellished with crystals, why would you want more features?

Hair and makeup of Ananya Panday

Her makeup artist, Stacy Gomes, did an outstanding job in creating a lovely matte-finished base with just the appropriate amount of contouring and a dab of pink blush to add a natural glow to the face. This looked absolutely stunning. Her ability to enhance her beauty and improve the appearance of her eyes was a direct result of her skillfully combining black and blue cosmetics.

Ananya Panday

A light pink lipstick was applied to the lips of the actress from Gehraaiyan, which gave the impression that she was younger and more attractive than she actually was. Ayesha Devitre did an excellent job styling Ananya’s hair during the session, sweeping her locks back and tying them with a blue hairband that complemented the color of her hair.

Ananya Panday is able to successfully maintain painstaking accuracy while also displaying a complete throwback style from the 1980s, from head to toe. This is something that cannot be denied. She received an incredibly magnificent look thanks to the work of two extremely talented stylists, Mohit Rai and Shubhi Kumar, in this historically inspired ensemble. She looked simply sensational in this ensemble.

Ananya Panday


In addition, the outstanding photographer Tejas Nerurkar used a disco ball to take images of Ananya Panday , which gave the photographs a sense of melancholy and brought back fond memories. Through the concerted efforts of each and every one of them, they were able to successfully recreate the atmosphere of the past in the most sophisticated manner that was even remotely possible.

Ananya Panday, because she is the fashion star that she is, presented the members of Generation Z with her spectacular costume. This gave her the opportunity to demonstrate once more that she is capable of effortlessly sporting any style. I would be very interested in hearing your comments on this unbelievable appearance. Your comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated if you could offer them in the comments box below.

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