Pic: Sonam Kapoor looks gorgeous in ethnic dress.


Sonam Kapoor, a Bollywood actress, never fails to convey a strong message, particularly when she is dressed in traditional costume. In order to raise awareness about conscious fashion, she intends to make use of her power as the most influential voice in the fashion industry in India.

Pic: Sonam Kapoor looks gorgeous in ethnic dress.
Pic: Sonam Kapoor looks gorgeous in ethnic dress.

She recently posted a post in which she styles a wedding look for a friend’s event by combining historical elements with vintage objects. Anand Ahuja was the recipient of a collection of photographs that the actress had taken during a recent wedding ceremony.


The gorgeous ensemble, which is adorned with a stunning ensemble, is a monument to the timeless beauty and intricate craftsmanship that you have displayed. The magnificent gold weave, which is a reflection of the traditional artistry that created it, complements the regal appearance of this intricately made Banarasi saree.

A rich tapestry of history is added to the cloth through the use of surface embroidery, which employs archaic techniques to tell a story about bygone ages.

Sonam Kapoor

The following is an excerpt from her post: “Wearing this @jigyam jensemble is what Indian textile fantasies are made of! It is the wedding of my best friend, and this was the ideal opportunity for me to wear a stunning garment that was crafted from a genuine vintage banarasee saree with a real gold weave and all the antique skills of surface embroidery.

The attire pays homage to a rich, opulent era through its exquisite details. Adorned with traditional tassels embellished with pearls and delicate shells, each element of the ensemble holds a legacy spanning over six decades. The dupatta, a true masterpiece, serves as a canvas showcasing the laborious artistry that has been passed down through generations in Gujarat.

Sonam Kapoor

The intricate workmanship speaks volumes about the dedication and skill of artisans. It’s a testament to their craft, meticulously carried forward for over sixty years. The dupatta itself embodies the culmination of this legacy, adorned with vintage tassels featuring shells and pearls meticulously woven into its fabric.

Moreover, the dupatta boasts the unparalleled finesse of vintage Mochi work, a revered embroidery technique from Gujarat. These meticulously crafted pieces, aged over six decades, symbolize the pinnacle of craftsmanship, representing not just a garment but a living testament to Gujarat’s rich cultural heritage.

In essence, this ensemble encapsulates not only beauty and elegance but also serves as a tangible link to the history and craftsmanship that defines Gujarat’s artistic legacy.


Sonam Kapoor looks lovely in ethnic dresses.

Sonam Kapoor wore silver jewelry that was of true antiquity, with each piece being a treasure that she had gathered over the course of her life. In addition to this ensemble, Sonam Kapoor displayed silver jewelry that was of actual antiquity.

Sonam Kapoor

The payal and bangles, which have aged beautifully for eighty to ninety years, are a direct reflection of the allure of a bygone era. “All of the silver jewelry is genuine antique pieces that have been gathered over a period of time, and the payal and bangles are antique pieces that are more than eighty to ninety years old!”

Anand Ahuja, her spouse, was wearing what appeared to be Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla-designed clothing. “Anand, on the other hand, is wearing a gorgeous Chikankari from @abujanisandeepkhosla, which is a collectable heirloom,” she wrote on her Instagram account. The process of creating each and every one of their chikankari creations takes them a number of months to complete.

Sonam Kapoor

Battle for Bittora is one of the two projects that Sonam Kapoor is working on at the moment, and both of them are considered to be tent poles in terms of their professional significance. At this time, the particulars of the other project are being concealed from the stakeholders in order to maintain confidentiality.


Sonam Kapoor, known for her exquisite style, often stuns in ethnic attire. Her fashion choices seamlessly blend tradition with contemporary trends, creating stunning ensembles that reflect elegance and sophistication.

From vibrant sarees adorned with intricate designs to majestic lehengas paired with exquisite jewelry, Sonam Kapoor fashion statements in ethnic wear consistently captivate attention and set trends. Her ability to carry both traditional and modern ethnic looks with grace and panache makes her an icon in the world of fashion.


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