Ashneer Grover criticizes Anupam Mittal and Shark Tank’s decreasing TRPs: ‘Tum sab toh thande hi ho’


Ashneer Grover criticizes Anupam Mittal and Shark Tank's decreasing TRPs: ‘Tum sab toh thande hi ho’

BharatPe’s founder, Ashneer Grover, who had previously served as a shark on the Indian version of Shark Tank, referred to himself as the “GOAT” of the show.
Ashneer Grover became a well-known figure because to his participation in the previous season of Shark Tank India, in which he served as one of the sharks. Recently, the founder of BharatPe went to the annual festival held by Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology. While there, he made a remark on the low ratings of the current season of Shark Tank India, specifically pointing the finger at Anupam Mittal. The ‘auditioning’ of sharks is still ongoing, according to him, and all of them are still in the process. A fan uploaded the footage of Ashneer chatting to X. The video may be found there.

What Ashneer said

In the course of the college festival, Ashneer made a sharp remark to Anupam Mittal, stating in Hindi, “Mittal saab ki na umar ho rahi he… To put it simply, gussa wala chala gaya. That is the truth, isn’t it? Galat toh kuch nahi bola Mittal saab ne us tareeka se. We are not going to lie. The phrase “chala gaya” My name is Tum Sab, and my name is Thande. Tabhhi toh pehle season ka TRP dekh lo, and the fact that the second and third seasons are also TRP dekh lo. “Mittal sir is getting older,” Mittal said. “Sab pata lag jayega.” The one who was angry has left, that much is certain. Mr. Mittal has not made any inappropriate statements. Those of you are very chilly. You will know if you check the total number of viewers for the first season, as well as those for the second and third seasons.Ashneer Grover mocks Anupam Mittal publicly, takes a dig at falling TRPs of Shark  Tank India: 'I'm the GOAT, others still auditioning to become sharks' |  Bollywood News - The Indian Express

‘Third season ka TRP dekh lo’

He further stated, “Jo pehle season mein chala gaya woh tha GOAT (Greatest Of All Time), aur tum sab teesre season mein bhi ‘audition’ hi kar rahe ho shark banne ki (The one who left was the GOAT, but you all are still auditioning to be the shark).” The remark made by Ashneer was met with enthusiastic applause from the pupils.

Ashneer has made a jab at the current season of the show on multiple occasions, and this is not the first time he has done so. The promotional video for the third season of Shark Tank India was uploaded by him in November, and the text that accompanied it read, “Shark Tank 3 is a ‘audition’ of sharks for Shark Tank 4! The lesson that I have learned from life is that you should not change and make an unneeded problem out of something that has already been addressed. I hope that abundance is the answer to quality!

Ashneer Grover Hits Back At Shark Tank India's Anupam Mittal Days After  'Gussa' Jibe: 'Tum Sab Toh...' - News18

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