Yami Gautam thanks crowd for disproving Article 370 critics: Our many critics said it was too technical.


Yami Gautam thanks crowd for disproving Article 370 critics: Our many critics said it was too technical.

According to Yami Gautam, the audience demonstrated that those who were critical of her film Article 370 were incorrect. They remarked that the film had “too many political jargons.”
Yami Gautam is rejoicing in the success of her latest political action thriller, Article 370, which has been a huge hit at the box office. “Those who argued that her picture is “too technical” or has “too many political jargons” were proven wrong by the audience, according to the actor, who stated that the public supported her film.

Yami on Article 370’s box office success

“When we were making Article 370, so many people told us that this film won’t work with the audience, ‘it’s too technical, too many political jargons, etc.'” Yami said on her X handle on Monday. “It’s possible that the audience won’t be able to connect with this film.” However, we went with our instincts since we were aware that people who were negative about our audience were underestimating them. I am grateful to each and every one of you for demonstrating that they are completely mistaken. With a big heart, we are really grateful that you have shown our modest film such a great deal of love despite its size. For all of you, we shall be eternally thankful, and we are humbled by your generosity. Thank you very much, Dhanyawaad! “Jai Hind it!”

After earning ₹9.08 crore on Saturday and ₹6.12 crore on its first day, Article 370 managed to make ₹10.25 crore on its first Sunday. Both of these figures are significant. Consequently, the picture starring Yami has become the highest-grossing female-led film of 2024 up to this point.

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About Article 370

Zooni Haksar, an intelligence officer, is the character that Yami portrays in the movie. The story of the movie, which takes place in the valley and centers on the elimination of Jammu and Kashmir’s special status under Article 370, is told through the lens of the film.

On August 5, 2019, the Central government split Jammu and Kashmir into the union territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. This action was taken in order to rescind Article 370, which had previously granted special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir which had previously existed.

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There was a recent instance in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi made reference to the film Article 370 while he was delivering a speech to a gathering in Jammu. He made the following statement: “I have heard that a film about Article 370 is scheduled to be released this week…… This is a positive development because it will assist individuals in obtaining accurate information.

Yami Gautam Article 370 and the Box Office Equation

In response to the speech that Prime Minister Modi delivered, Yami posted a message on Instagram that read, “It is an absolute honor to watch Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji talk about #Article370Movie.” When it comes to bringing this wonderful narrative to the big screen, my team and I genuinely hope that we are able to surpass your expectations every single time!

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