‘Can I speak in Hindi’: PM Modi talks about ‘heart-to-heart’ bond in Karnataka

He inquired of the people whether or not he could deliver his speech entirely in Hindi without the assistance of a translator. A “heart-to-heart bond” is claimed to exist between him and Kannadigas, according to what he revealed.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public gathering in Davanagere, which is located in the state of Karnataka. He stated that there is a “heart-to-heart bond” between him and Kannadigas.

I would like to converse in Hindi today. I do not have a translator available today because I am certain that you have such a great deal of love for me that you do not require words to comprehend it. Due to the fact that we share a heart-to-heart connection, language has never worked as a barrier between us.

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During the campaign for the impending phase 3 elections in Karnataka, the Prime Minister was active in the campaign.

At the beginning of the day, the Prime Minister delivered speeches at two consecutive rallies, one in Belagavi and the other in Uttara Kannada.

During his attack on the Siddaramaiah government for the murder that occurred in Hubballi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that the entire nation is concerned about the state of law and order in the state of Karnataka. The Prime Minister stated that the Congress party wants to destroy the state with all their might.

In a recent speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his sentiments in Hindi, emphasizing the deep emotional connection between himself and the people of Karnataka. He spoke passionately about the special bond that transcends mere political affiliation and resonates on a personal level. PM Modi highlighted the rich cultural heritage and historical significance of Karnataka, acknowledging the state’s contributions to various fields such as art, literature, and technology.

PM Modi chats with Rekha Patra, the BJP's Basirhat Lok Sabha candidate and Sandeshkhali victim.

Furthermore, PM Modi underscored the importance of unity and solidarity among all Indians, irrespective of regional differences. He emphasized the need for constructive dialogue and cooperation to address the challenges facing the nation and ensure its progress. PM Modi also commended the resilience and determination of the people of Karnataka in overcoming obstacles and achieving success.

Overall, PM Modi’s speech reflected his appreciation for the ‘heart-to-heart’ connection he shares with the people of Karnataka and his commitment to their welfare and prosperity.



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