PM Modi’s top ten harshest assaults on Congress in Rajya Sabha


PM Modi's top ten harshest assaults on Congress in Rajya Sabha

In her talk, President Droupadi Murmu discussed India’s potential, strength, and bright future, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who stated that she spoke about these things.
On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi responded to criticisms leveled by the Congress party over matters pertaining to corruption, the economy, rights, and reservation by skillfully engaging in quotations from prior prime ministers. Prime Minister Modi began his speech by taking a jab at Mallikarjun Kharge, the leader of the opposition in the Rajya Sabha. He stated that he enjoyed listening to Kharge because he provided “entertainment” that the house was lacking.

It was not possible for me to express my gratitude to (Mallikarjun) Kharge Ji on that particular day. During that time, I was listening to Kharge, and I loved it. “You (pointing to Kharge) have provided the entertainment that we are lacking in the Lok Sabha,” Prime Minister Modi stated in his response to the Motion of Thanks on the President’s address. Kharge was the one who provided the fun.

PM Modi's top ten harshest assaults on Congress in Rajya Sabha
PM Modi’s top ten harshest assaults on Congress in Rajya Sabha

He went on to assert that Congress continued to be influenced by the British over the course of several decades and continued to use symbols that represented slavery. In his statement, the Prime Minister asserted that the narratives constructed by the Grand Old Party were responsible for the disrespectful treatment of Indian traditions. Prime Minister Modi made a statement in which he referred to the misuse of emergency powers. He stated that Congress had stifled democracy in order to gain power and remove democratically elected governments.

Additionally, Prime Minister Modi responded to the Congress party’s proposal for a nationwide caste-based census and its vow to eliminate the quota cap of fifty percent by recalling a letter that former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had written to the individual chief ministers.

The following are some of the most notable quotes from Prime Minister Modi’s speech to the Rajya Sabha:
“We continued to listen to each of your words with patience, but you have come today with the intention of not listening to us,” she said. Nevertheless, you are unable to silence my voice. The people of this country have provided this voice with the strength it should have.

West Bengal has presented a challenge, stating that the Congress party will not be able to surpass the 40 seat mark in the Lok Sabha elections that will take place in 2024. I will be praying that they are able to get forty seats saved. Additionally, this party, which is known as Congress, has an antiquated way of thinking. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, made this statement in response to a recent statement made by Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal and a senior leader of the Indian National Congress (INDIA) caucus.

PM Modi's top ten harshest assaults on Congress in Rajya Sabha
PM Modi’s top ten harshest assaults on Congress in Rajya Sabha

Why did everyone have to wait for Modi to alter Rajpath to Kartavya Path? If you (Congress) were not influenced by the British, then why did you have to wait? On the other hand, if you were not inspired by the British, then why was there no war memorial created for our warriors who continued to give their lives without hesitation for the country? These narratives were presented by the Congress, and as a result, individuals who adhered to Indian traditions were looked down upon.

In its pursuit of power, the Congress silenced democratically elected governments and stifled democratically elected governments. According to him, the Congress party has a history of discriminating against Dalits, backwards, and tribals. If it weren’t for Babasaheb Ambedkar, these groups would not have been granted any reservation.

“The Congress that did not provide reservations to the OBC, the Congress that never provided reservations to the poor from the general category, the Congress that did not consider Babasaheb for the Bharat Ratna and instead continued to provide Bharat Ratna to their family members, they are teaching us lessons on social justice today,”

“If you look at the history of Congress over the past ten years, you will see that India was one of the five economies that were most vulnerable. But if you look at our economy for the past ten years, we are among the top five economies. After a great deal of effort, we were able to get the nation out of this predicament.

PM Modi's top ten harshest assaults on Congress in Rajya Sabha
PM Modi’s top ten harshest assaults on Congress in Rajya Sabha

“What was the reason that the nation and the world were so angry with their (Congress’) rule for ten years? When did the nation get so enraged? It is not because of us that it occurred; rather, it is the outcome of their own actions. We do not criticize, criticize, or criticize anyone else.


“My dreams are independent, just as I was born in India when it was still independent…According to Congress, we sold PSUs so that we could destroy them. I have a question for them: who was responsible for the destruction of BSNL and MTNL? Bring to mind the current situation of HAL in Congress. HAL and Air India were both destroyed by them. Neither the Congress party nor the UPA can avoid the consequences of their failure.

“As of today, the BSNL that you have demolished is making progress towards 4G and 5G that are Made in India. At the same time as it has become Asia’s largest helicopter production factory, HAL is generating income at an unprecedented proportion. The story has been completely rewritten by us. The shares of LIC are currently approaching all-time highs…”


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