Lok Sabha elections likely after March 13: Election Commission sources



After the 13th of March, the Election Commission is likely to make an announcement regarding the dates for the Lok Sabha elections. As of Friday, sources inside the Election Commission stated that the commission has been traveling to a number of states in order to evaluate the level of readiness for the general election. Once the commission has finished its task, the dates will be released immediately.

Tamil Nadu is currently being visited by officials from the central election board, who will next move on to visit Uttar Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir for the next three days. By the 13th of March, it is anticipated that the state visits would have been finished.
Over the course of the last few months, the commission has been holding frequent meetings with the Chief Electoral Officers (CEOs) of each state in order to evaluate the preparations. “The CEOs have listed problem areas, including the movement of electronic voting machines, their requirement of security forces, and the tightening of vigilance on the borders,” officials noted.

Lok Sabha elections likely after March 13: Election Commission sources
Lok Sabha elections likely after March 13: Election Commission sources

Notably, the Election Commission is going to implement Artificial Intelligence in order to ensure that the elections are carried out without any problems this year, according to the officials.


The Election Commission has made the decision to implement Artificial Intelligence technology in order to ensure that the Lok Sabha elections, which are slated to take place before May, are conducted in a manner that is both free and fair. Within the ECI, a specialized division for artificial intelligence has been established in order to identify and eliminate incorrect information that is present on digital platforms and social media environments.

In the event that any party or candidate continues to violate the rules, the commission is going to take stringent action, such as asking social media platforms to suspend or block their accounts, according to the official sources. The removal of content that is false and inflammatory on social media during elections will be done in a timely manner.
The officials have stated that the panel will also concentrate on fact-checking, combatting misinformation, and guaranteeing increased security in areas that are considered to be sensitive.

Lok Sabha elections likely after March 13: Election Commission sources
The statistics provided by the Election Commission indicates that there are as many as 96.88 crore persons who are eligible to vote in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. This constituency is the largest electorate in the whole world. As an additional point of interest, the polling commission reports that 1.85 crore individuals between the ages of 18 and 19 have registered to vote.

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