PM Modi responds to ‘Aurangzeb’ jibe: ‘Got the 104th abuse today.’


PM Modi responds to 'Aurangzeb' jibe 'Got the 104th abuse today.'

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, made a statement on Wednesday stating that the opposition has flung the 104th assault on him, calling him Aurangzeb and urging for the PM to be beheaded. The election horn has been heard, and this arrives at the same time. I have been called Aurangzeb, and there has been an official request to ‘behead’ me. I have also been requested to beheaded. Despite all of these positive and negative comments, Narendra Modi declared that the world would witness its most historic election on the occasion of the News18 Rising Bharat summit. He said this despite the controversy that has surrounded the election. People have made up their minds to elect the Modi government for a third term, the Prime Minister said, adding that the road map for the new government has already been set out. This is despite the fact that all of these abuses have occurred.

In spite of the fact that the opposition is mistreating both me and the financially disadvantaged, it does not make a difference. Both of us are being mistreated by the opposition today, when the poor are blessing me. According to the Prime Minister of India, “The nation has already made up its mind – Phir ek baar Modi sarkar.” [Citation needed] this statement.

PM Modi responds to 'Aurangzeb' jibe 'Got the 104th abuse today.'
PM Modi responds to ‘Aurangzeb’ jibe ‘Got the 104th abuse today.’

According to statements made by Sanjay Raut, the leader of the Uddhav Sena, on Wednesday, Aurangzeb was born in a region of Gujarat that is located in close proximity to the region in which Narendra Modi also resides. Both Shivaji and Aurangzeb were born in the state of Gujarat, which is located in close proximity to the region where Narendra Modi was born. Shivaji was born in the state of Maharashtra. During the course of the talk, Sanjay Raut made a veiled remark that stated, “This is the reason why the Aurangzeb mindset is fighting us (Maharashtra).”

In a video that was released to social media, the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) gave the impression that they were attending a meeting of the INDIA block, during which they made a plea to “behead Modi.” It was the leaders of the BJP who initially disseminated the film.


While outlining his “nation first” approach to work, Narendra Modi responded to these controversial words and rejected them. He also emphasized the importance of the nation. While he was elaborating on his methods, he demonstrated this behavior. This activity was carried out by him when he was providing further explanation of his strategy. Additionally, he discussed his approach to working in the office, which was another topic that he brought up.

PM Modi responds to 'Aurangzeb' jibe 'Got the 104th abuse today.'
PM Modi responds to ‘Aurangzeb’ jibe ‘Got the 104th abuse today.’

An earlier conversation brought up the potential of conducting an investigation into the circumstances that contributed to the incapacity of the ED and CBI to take action against important individuals. This investigation would look into the factors that led to the inability. As a result of the actions taken against them by the authorities, prominent and corrupt individuals are now questioning the reason why the authorities are acting against them, as stated by statements made by Prime Minister Modi.

The employment of technology by our government in order to accomplish the mission of catching dishonest individuals has made the way of apprehending dishonest individuals much less difficult. Because of this, the method of apprehending dishonest individuals has become significantly less difficult. In today’s environment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to conceal traces of money, which has led to the discovery of money stashes on beds and walls. This has led to the discovery of money concealments.

The fact that this discovery was made is not the only thing that has led to it. In light of the fact that it is becoming increasingly difficult to conceal evidence of financial activities, this is a consequence that should be expected. Each of these individuals is shaking as a consequence of the discovery of a bundle of notes that were taken from the residence of a member of parliament for the Congress party as well as the residence of leaders of the Trinamool party. The notes were among those that were taken from the residences of both parties. Both parties’ homes were searched for the notes, and they were confiscated from there.



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