PM’s Scathing Tweet On Congress Following 600 Lawyers’ Letter To Chief Justice

Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a strong attack on the Congress party. This came after hundreds of lawyers and some bar associations from across the country wrote to the Chief Justice of India, DY Chandrachud, expressing their concerns about attempts to undermine the integrity of the judiciary through the use of political and professional pressure.
It is a part of the culture of the Congress to browbeat and bully other people. ‘They brazenly ask commitment from others for their selfish gains, but desist from any commitment towards the nation,’ Prime Minister Modi remarked in a post on the microblogging website X. This statement was made in reference to the fact that they had called for a ‘dedicated judiciary’ fifty years ago.

“No wonder, 140 crore Indians are rejecting them,” Prime Minister Modi added. Over 600 lawyers, including Harish Salve and Manan Kumar Mishra, wrote to Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud, alleging that a “vested interest group” is attempting to put pressure on the judiciary and defame courts, particularly in cases of corruption involving politicians. The comments made by Prime Minister Modi came after these lawyers wrote to Chandrachud.

PM's Scathing Tweet On Congress Following 600 Lawyers' Letter To Chief Justice
PM’s Scathing Tweet On Congress Following 600 Lawyers’ Letter To Chief Justice

With reference to the letter sent by the attorneys, Union Minister Kiren Rijiju, who is also a candidate for the seat of Arunachal West, stated that rational views are now being heard publicly.

A group of individuals affiliated with the Congress party came up with the idea of a committed judiciary and suspended the Indian Constitution. As Mr. Rijiju put it, “The Congress and leftists want the courts and constitutional authorities to serve them; otherwise, they will immediately begin attacking the very institutions. “Mallikarjun Kharge, the leader of the Congress party, issued a statement in which he stated that it is not appropriate for the Prime Minister to make comments against the judicial system. On the other hand, given that you believe the institutions of India to be your own personal property, I have a few questions ready for you. What is the reason behind the unusual public conference that four of the most senior judges on the Supreme Court held, in which they warned against the “destruction of democracy” by your regime? What was the rationale behind your government’s decision to assign one of the justices to the Rajya Sabha? It was said by Mr. Kharge in the statement.

In a letter that was sent to Chief Justice DY Chandrachud yesterday, the All Manipur Bar Association emphasized the importance of speaking out against “underhanded attacks” on the judicial system. The bar association had stated in the letter that it was highly concerned about recent trends in which vested interest groups were attempting to smear the reputation of the judicial system by using “frivolous logic” and “stale political agendas.”Jairam Ramesh, the head of the Congress party, responded to Prime Minister Modi by stating that the words made by the Prime Minister “are the height of hypocrisy.”


PM's Scathing Tweet On Congress Following 600 Lawyers' Letter To Chief Justice
PM’s Scathing Tweet On Congress Following 600 Lawyers’ Letter To Chief Justice

It is the height of hypocrisy for the Prime Minister to be so brazen as to orchestrate and coordinate an attack on the judiciary in the guise of safeguarding the judiciary. Over the past few weeks, the Supreme Court has dealt him a number of blows to the body. The scheme of electoral bonds is just one example among many…” It was said by Mr. Ramesh in a post on X.

In the past ten years, the Prime Minister has done nothing but divide, misrepresent, divert, and malign the opposition. There are 140 crore Indians who are waiting to give him a response that is appropriate very soon,” the leader of the Congress party stated. When it comes to the other letter, which was written by more than 600 attorneys, they stated that the strategies employed by the vested interest group “are damaging to our courts and threaten our democratic fabric.”

It is not the time to keep a dignified silence, they said, adding that the leadership of Chief Justice Chandrachud is essential in these “tough times” and that the Supreme Court should preserve its strength. Additionally, the letter attacked a group of attorneys without naming them and made the allegation that during the day, they defend politicians and then, during the evening, they attempt to exert influence over judges through the media.



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