This Delhiite’s groundbreaking farmer aid got a National Award.

Former President Droupadi Murmu recently presented the Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar for Innovation to Suhani Chauhan, a student from Delhi who is currently enrolled in the eighth grade.Who argues that young people aren’t worried about our society to a sufficient degree?

We would like to introduce you to Suhani Chauhan, who was recently honored with the Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar for Innovation by President Droupadi Murmu. To add insult to injury, she is the only person from Delhi to have been honored with the highest National Award for children!She was a student in the eighth grade at Amity International School in Pushp Vihar when she was presented with this award at Vigyan Bhavan.

This Delhiite's Groundbreaking Innovation to Help Farmers Wins National  Award | spcilvly – SPCILVLY

The ceremony was held at a place where children between the ages of five and eighteen years old are honored for their outstanding performance in seven different categories: bravery, art and culture, environment, innovation, science and technology, social service, and sports.The ground-breaking innovation that Chauhan developed, which she called So-Apt, is what garnered her accolades at this award. The So-Apt is a solar-powered vehicle that can perform multiple functions and is designed for agricultural use.

It emits no carbon dioxide and is designed to aid small farmers. The fact that the vehicle may be utilized for a wide range of agricultural tasks, including seed-sowing, spraying, irrigation, hole digging, and other tasks, contributes to its high level of utility. There would be an annual savings of ₹1,800 crores of diesel if only 1% of the tractors used in India were to use this technology, the youngster says. In addition, the youngster adds, “The saving of carbon emissions per year would be approximately 272,000 metric tonnes of CO2, which in carbon credits is valued at approximately 10 million USD (about 84 crores) per year.”

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The farmers may even use the solar panels on their cars to power other appliances when they are not using them in the field, and they can even sell any surplus that they produce.This youthful and creative mind also had the opportunity to meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which was truly an exciting experience. When she was questioned about the Pradhanmantri Suryodaya Yojana, which the Prime Minister had launched just one day before the ceremony to install solar panels on one crore houses, she smiled broadly and responded with enthusiastic enthusiasm. Excitedly, she says, “Our Prime Minister also wants the home owners to be able to sell any surplus energy from their roof-top solar panels, so that they can earn money.

This is exactly how I want the farmers to use my agri-vehicle.” She goes on to say, “I will always cherish the signed watch, book, and tablet that Modi ji personally gifted to each and every one of us.” We were informed that we now belong not only to our family but also to the nation, and that we have a responsibility to work more diligently in order to assist both our nation and our society.She is overflowing with appreciation and expresses her happiness at her accomplishment. She goes on to say, “I am extremely honored and humbled to have received this prestigious award from the honorable President Droupadi Murmu ji, and it was a dream come true for me.” Due to the fact that I went on a school trip to a farm when I was in the eighth grade, I have been working on this concept ever since.

After observing the predicament of the small farmers and having conversations with a number of them, I came to the conclusion that a low-cost, environmentally friendly, and multi-tool agricultural vehicle could be a game-changer for them… Minister Smriti Irani ji, who spent a great deal of time with each and every recipient of the award and who took such good care of us, is another person for whom I am really grateful.

Additionally, this forward-thinking youngster is currently in discussions with manufacturing companies in order to further develop her concept and create cars that would be of assistance to small farmers from all across India. She asserts that agriculture is the foundation upon which our nation is built.

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