We did not want Vicky Jain to marry Ankita Lokhande, so she brings up Sushant Singh Rajput in an attempt to win people over. mother-in-law


We did not want Vicky Jain to marry Ankita Lokhande, so she brings up Sushant Singh Rajput in an attempt to win people over. mother-in-law

After leaving the Bigg Boss 17 house, Ankita Lokhande will not be pleased with everything her mother-in-law has been saying about her in recent interviews.

Ankita Lokhande talks about Sushant Singh Rajput to gain sympathy: Mom-in- law - Hindustan Times

PR is not Ankita Lokhande’s mother-in-law’s strong suit. She has been conducting back-to-back interviews concerning Bigg Boss 17 contestants Vicky Jain, the actor, and his spouse, each of whom is more scandalous than the other.

Doing it for sympathy?

Vicky’s mother talked about him and Ankita being half-asleep and drowsy in an interview with ABP News. With regard to Ankita’s frequent on-air references to her late boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput, she responded, “Sympathy jata rahi hai lagta hai, apne liye.” How come Sushant ko kya pada? Wow, that’s hilarious. She seems to be trying to make people feel sorry for herself, because woh tha tabhi bator ke le gaya, kitne acche acche kaam kiye usne. Now, what worries Sushant? He is no longer there. He accomplished all the great things and received all the love while he was alive.

She added that when the family witnessed Ankita kicking Vicky, they were upset. “Yeah toh pati ko devta samjha jaata hai, yahan Bharat mein rehte hain.” We live in an Indian society where the husband is revered as god. Aur tumhara toh pati sach much devta hai. Furthermore, your spouse is in reality God.

Never been too keen on her

The mother-in-law also disclosed in a different Zoom interview that they never intended for Vicky to wed Ankita. “Hume log toh nahi mein the support mein. Ab koi kuch lena dena nahi hai, ab woh nibhaane tyaar hai. That may be true, but it’s not as easy as it seems to recover. That’s right, it’s a grihasti that sudhaarega. Woh khud sudhaarega toh woh bigaada usi ne hai. Though we never supported it, hume vishwas hai ki Vicky sab kuch kar lega. We have nothing to do with this relationship; he is now prepared to carry it through. Despite everything we are witnessing, we remain silent. He’ll return and focus on improving his marriage. He’ll figure it out, we’re confident. she said.

Ankita's mom defends her after mother-in-law accuses her of using Sushant's name - Hindustan Times

Vicky’s mother visited him and Ankita this week when they were in the Bigg Boss house. She even revealed to Ankita that after witnessing her kick Vicky during a fight, her father-in-law called Ankita’s mother. “Did you also kick you husband like this?” he asked her over the phone. Given that her father had just passed away, Ankita was clearly upset about this and advised her mother-in-law not to bring her mother into it all.

Kangana Ranaut, meanwhile, supported Ankita as well but asserted that her family comes first and not the game. The media is working hard to destroy families; they won’t show you how @lokhandeankita’s mother-in-law, Saasuma, is supporting her; they also love the final laugh. I hope my friend @lokhandeankita wins, but not at the expense of her marriage. Ha ha, too cute aunty. Reality shows come and go, but family is forever,” she remarked.

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