In PM Modi’s final address to the 17th Lok Sabha, Article 370, Sengol, and Ram Mandir were discussed.


During the course of the pandemic, the issues that the Covid were confronted with were brought to the notice of the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. The fact that the members of parliament came to the conclusion that they should lower their salaries by thirty percent is something that warrants appreciation.On Saturday, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, issued a statement in which he declared that the country has simultaneously experienced “reform, perform, and transform” during the course of the previous five years.

He made this declaration in a statement. While the seventeenth Lok Sabha was coming to a close, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the opportunity to express his gratitude to each and every member of the Lok Sabha. Specifically, he expressed his gratitude to Om Birla, who is currently serving as the Speaker of the Lok Sabha. According to his statement, this Lok Sabha has been working to find a solution to the problem of Covid over the course of the previous five years, and they have also developed a new technique of operation.

Members of parliament did not hesitate to lower their salaries by thirty percent, and they also stopped getting a subsidy from the food that was provided in the cafeteria. Both of these concessions were made without hesitation. In accordance with what Prime Minister Modi has declared, this safeguarded the members of parliament from being ridiculed by the common public. During the time that Prime Minister Modi was in the process of moving the sittings of Parliament to the new structure, he made a reference to the construction of the Sengol in the new edifice.”During the time that this Lok Sabha was in session, key decisions that had been anticipated by a large number of generations for a considerable length of time were ultimately made. These decisions brought about a tremendous degree of excitement.

In the course of this Lok Sabha session, the provisions of Article 370 were also repealed, which took place during the course of the term. The following is a comment that was made by Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India: “I have the impression that those who drafted the Constitution would be pleased with us about this.” After the event, he claimed that the 17th Lok Sabha had taken decisions that many generations had been waiting for for a very long time. He said that these decisions had been made.

He stated that these choices had already been decided upon.It has been underlined by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, that the government should refrain from interfering in the lives of the people and instead demonstrate faith in the people. This statement is a reference to the idea that is known as “minimum government and maximum governance.”

While Prime Minister Modi was recounting the significant events that have transpired during the 17th Lok Sabha, he cited the repeal of Article 370 and the approval of the bill to do away with the practice of triple talaq. Both of these statements were made in the course of his recounting of the events. These two occurrences brought about significant shifts in the political landscape that we are currently experiencing.

During his speech, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, made it clear that the women’s reservation bill was the primary impetus behind the construction of the contemporary Parliament building. When it comes to the organization, it is projected that the next quarter of a century will be of the biggest relevance. It has been claimed that Prime Minister Modi has stated that, on the one side, there are political aspirations, and on the other hand, there are dreams for the country. Additionally, he stated that India will transform into “Vikshit Bharat” within the next quarter of a century on the planet.

Every one of these statements is accurate.In a short amount of time, the election will take place. It is probable that some folks are experiencing a degree of fear; but, we acknowledge that this is a natural component of democracy, and we are not concerned by it. Throughout the course of the election, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, displayed his joy all throughout the nation.

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