PM Modi launches 2,000 railway projects worth ₹41,000 crore


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In his recent address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the transformative work ethic of what he termed “New India.” He emphasized the nation’s unprecedented pace and scale of progress, asserting that India now sets its sights higher and achieves ambitious goals swiftly.

Modi underscored the shift from modest aspirations to ambitious dreams, with a commitment to realizing them expeditiously. He expressed confidence as his government prepares for a third term, citing the remarkable momentum already underway.

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One notable milestone is the initiation of over two thousand railway-related projects, marking a substantial leap forward in infrastructure development. Modi highlighted this accomplishment, noting the surprise it has evoked due to its scale and speed.

Among these projects is the redevelopment of 553 railway stations under the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme, signifying a commitment to modernizing critical infrastructure nationwide.

Looking ahead to the start of his government’s third term in June, Modi emphasized the impressive pace at which development initiatives have been launched. He noted the recent inauguration of various projects, signaling the government’s unwavering dedication to progress.

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In summary, Modi’s address reflects a vision of a dynamic and proactive India, unbound by past limitations and propelled by bold ambitions. With a focus on rapid implementation and transformative change, the nation stands poised for continued growth and development under its leadership.

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