Modi in Gujarat: PM dives into sea to perform underwater puja off Dwarka

It was on Sunday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi went underwater, in the deep sea, enjoyed scuba diving off the shore of the Arabian Sea at the Panchkui beach in Gujarat, and offered prayers at the location where it was believed that the ancient city of Dwarka had submerged after Lord Krishna’s death. Many people think that the ancient city had a special relationship with Lord Krishna and that it was a center of magnificence and prosperity on the planet.

Modi also paid tribute to Dwarka, a city that continues to enchant imaginations with its rich cultural and spiritual past, according to the officials. According to Modi, who was underwater, he also presented peacock fathers as a form of tribute.
In the photographs that Modi has uploaded to his X handle, he can be seen wearing dive gear and descending into the azure seas in order to give prayers at the location that is deep in historical and spiritual significance. Social media users went crazy over the images of the Prime Minister.

Modi in Gujarat PM dives into sea to perform underwater puja off Dwarka
Modi in Gujarat PM dives into sea to perform underwater puja off Dwarka

Having the opportunity to pray in the city of Dwarka, which is completely submerged in water, was a very magnificent experience. The feeling that I had was that I was connected to a bygone era of spiritual grandeur and unending devotion. On X, Modi wrote, “May Bhagwan Shri Krishna bless each and every one of us.””Today, I had the opportunity to experience those moments that will permanently remain with me… I traveled to the depths of the ocean and performed a ‘Darshan’ of the ancient city of Dwarka. Archaeologists have written a great deal about the city of Dwarka that is buried beneath the water. In addition, it is stated in our scriptures that Dwarka was a city that was characterized by its magnificent gates and towering structures that were tall enough to reach the summit of the world.

He himself, Lord Krishna, was the architect of this metropolis… When I journeyed to the depths of the ocean, I had an encounter with the divine… Before Dwarkadhish, I bent my head in submission. It was a feather from a peacock that I brought with me, and I deposited it at the feet of Lord Krishna. For a long time, I had a strong desire to visit that location and get my hands on the remnants of the old city of Dwarka. My feelings are all over the place today… Later on, during a public meeting in Dwarka, Modi stated that a dream that has been a reality for decades was finally realized today.

In Hindu mythology and history, the ancient city of Dwarka is a location that holds a great deal of significance. The imaginations of historians, archaeologists, and enthusiasts have also been captivated by it for a very long time.

Earlier on Sunday morning, Modi made his way to the well-known Lord Krisha temple in Dwarkadish, which is located in the state of Gujarat. The magnificent Dwarkadhish Temple, which can be found in Gujarat and is located on the confluence of the Gomti River and the Arabian Sea, is a significant Hindu pilgrimage place for Vaishnavites, particularly devotees of Lord Krishna. It is also considered to be one of the Char Dhams. In the temple, Lord Krishna, also known as Dwarkadhish, or King of Dwarka, is considered to be the most important deity. After some time had passed, the priests of the temple presented Modi with an idol of Lord Krishna as a gift.

Modi in Gujarat PM dives into sea to perform underwater puja off Dwarka
Modi in Gujarat PM dives into sea to perform underwater puja off Dwarka

The longest cable-stayed bridge in India, Sudarshan Setu, was inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi.
A cable-stayed bridge that spans around 2.32 kilometers and connects the Okha mainland to Beyt Dwarka in Gujarat was also inaugurated by Modi. This bridge is the longest cable-stayed bridge in the country. The name of the bridge, which was once known as the “Signature Bridge,” has been changed to “Sudarshan Setu,” which is also known as the Sudarshan Bridge.


The well-known Dwarkadhish temple may be found on the island of Beyt Dwarka, which is located close to the port of Okha and around 30 kilometers away from the town of Dwarka.

In addition to being constructed at an estimated cost of ₹979 crore, the bridge is equipped with a four-lane road that is 27.20 meters in width, and it also has pathways that are 2.5 meters wide on either side. Additionally, Modi had the opportunity to pray at the Beyt Dwarka Temple on Sunday morning.

During his two-day trip to Gujarat, Modi
A rousing roadshow was held in Jamnagar on Saturday, marking the beginning of Prime Minister Modi’s two-day visit to Gujarat. As Modi’s cavalcade made its way towards the Circuit House, a large number of people queued up on both sides of the road. They chanted “Modi, Modi” and “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” as they watched the procession.


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