Twinkle Khanna adds Kumar’s +1 to Instagram bio. Internet reacts

The author and celebrity columnist Twinkle Khanna, who is married to the actor Akshay Kumar, appears to have made a remark directed at those individuals who do not recognize her as anything other than his wife.
According to reports, Twinkle Khanna, who is a celebrity columnist, author, and former actor, has successfully pulled off an Instagram hoax. It is likely that she is alluding to her husband, the actor Akshay Kumar, when she added a strap that reads “Kumar’s +1” on her display photo.

Twinkle’s Instagram stunt

On Thursday, Twinkle posted a picture on her Instagram account, but she did not specify what the picture was about. White text that said “Twinkle Khanna” was shown on a background that was solid red. However, the text was struck out and replaced with “Kumar’s +1.” In addition to that, she modified her bio to read, “Move over, Mrs. Funnybones, say hello to Kumar’s +1.” She also added the same language to her display photo. It is common practice to refer to Twinkle as “Mrs. Funnybones,” which is also the name of her debut book, which was released in the year 2016.

Twinkle Khanna changes Instagram display pic, bio to Kumar's +1. Internet reacts | Bollywood - Hindustan Times


The changes that were made to Instagram were shocking to its users. On the other hand, many people praised Twinke for sending a message to everyone who only knows her as Akshay Kumar’s wife, which undermined her own professional accomplishments. In response to her most recent post, a person replied, “Hahaha awesome.” In another comment, someone said, “This was so upsetting (emoji of a broken heart).” Another one of them remarked, “(Laughter emojis with teary eyes) loved it as well.” “Hahahaha, I’m going to steal this idea. A fourth user remarked, “Aurat ki identity admi se hoti hai – to beti Kyu padhana hai?” (If a woman’s identity is via her man, then why educate your daughters?). Another user wrote, “If a woman’s identity is through her man, then why teach your daughters?” In response to Twinkle’s statement, another user expressed their agreement by writing, “It actually hurts when you’re so successful in your own way (red heart emoji).”

One commenter, on the other hand, went beyond the comment and stated that it is a clue about a new book that Twinkle is working on. “New Book (love eyes and dancing girl emojis)” was the title that they wrote. Nevertheless, there were a few individuals who misunderstood Twinkle’s remark and proceeded to offer their congratulations on her third pregnancy. One of the users asked, “Are you pregnant once more? It is my pleasure to…” In the comment area, a great number of other people repeated the same action and congratulated Twinkle.

Akshay to Twinkle: You still make my heart flutter

At the beginning of this year, Twinkle successfully completed a master’s degree program in fiction writing at Goldsmiths, University of London. In addition, she has just lately published the novel titled “Welcome to Paradise.” While all is going on, Akshay will be seen in the film Bade Miyan Chote Miyan next.

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