Will Jawan director Atlee cooperate with Salman Khan? This is what we know.

Although it has been rumored that Salman Khan has given his blessing to Atlee’s story, the producers have not yet provided any formal confirmation.

As a result of the success of his picture Jawan, which starred Shah Rukh Khan and was released in 2023, South Indian director Atlee received widespread recognition on a national scale. According to the most recent reports, Atlee will be working with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, who has already given his approval to the director’s story. This will be the next collaboration between the two projects. The revelation came around at the same time that there have been rumors that Atlee’s partnership with Allu Arjun has been scrapped for reasons that are not known.

Atlee to collaborate with Salman Khan?

According to sources from Telugu 360, the director of Jawan, Atlee, has reportedly told a story to the Bollywood actor Salman Khan, who has given his positive approval. Even though the producers have not yet made any official announcements, it is quite likely that Sun Pictures will be supporting the film.

Salman Khan to replace Allu Arjun?

It was believed that Atlee was working on his next collaboration with South superstar Allu Arjun, however the project has been taken off the table for reasons that are now unknown. It was revealed by a source close to the filmmaker that the two individuals had discussed the possibility of working together, but the cooperation was never finalized because it was still in the preliminary stages. The script is still being worked on by Atlee, who has not yet locked anyone down by this point. As of right now, the film that Allu Arjun and Atlee are working on together is not going to take place, despite the fact that it would have been fantastic to witness the two of them working together on a huge project.

In the past, Atlee had approached Allu Arjun with the idea of casting him in a cameo part in the film Jawan, which starred Shah Rukh Khan. However, the actor declined the offer because he was currently working on Pushpa 2: The Rule.
Based on the claim, we are left wondering whether or not Atlee has swapped out Allu Arjun for Salman Khan. It has been reported that discussions with Salman have not yet reached a conclusion, and that these discussions are still in the very beginning stages. As the actor is now working on the film Sikandar, which is being directed by AR Murugadoss, it is anticipated that he would begin filming for the first schedule of the picture in the following year, provided that the discussions are finalized.

The film Sikandar, which has Sajid Nadiadwala’s support, is anticipated to be released on Eid 2025. It is the first time that Salman and AR Murugadoss, the director of Ghajini, have worked together on a film production. Rashmika Mandanna also appears in the film. Previously, Salman appeared in the film Tiger 3, directed by Maneesh Sharma, starring Katrina Kaif.

‘Sikander’, a film directed by AR Murugadoss, is now in production, and it has been rumored that Bollywood actor Salman is in talks with Jawan director Atlee about a huge project.

There is also an indication in the report that the initiative would be publicly disclosed in the near future. Right now, Atlee is putting the finishing touches on the script, and Sun Pictures is going to be the one to produce this famous endeavor.
Telugu 360 has reported that the production of the project is slated to start the following year. This is due to the fact that Salman Khan is now occupied with the production of his next film Sikandar. Following the dissemination of information on Salman Khan’s conversations with Atlee over his upcoming movie, fans promptly turned to X (which was formerly known as Twitter) to express their reactions.

Excited fans swamped X (which was once known as Twitter) with their messages. According to the statement of a user, “#SalmanKhan × #Atlee Sun Pictures.” BHAI IN A REASONABLE CIRCUMSTANCE” Another person jumped in and said, “If everything goes according to plan, #SalmanKhan is going to collaborate with three well-known Tamil directors on a series of films.” My fingers are crossed. Ar Murgadoss, Vishnu Vardhan, and Atlee.
It was noted by another individual that “#Atlee × #SalmanKhan for a new project.” This thing is enormous, and it’s going to be a big action entertainer. “Megastar #SalmanKhan x #Atlee,” another fan commented on the internet. Something really significant is being prepared by Bhai. A person made a comment that read, “#SalmanKhan × #Atlee masses of the cinema, big news today, bhai fans.”
Earlier this month, a video of Atlee, the director of the film “Jawan,” who was forced to wait at the airport by security in order to make room for the star of the film “Dabangg,” went viral on social media. Atlee was the first person to arrive at the private airport depicted in the short footage.

On the other hand, he was quickly followed by Salman’s automobile, and while the star was photographing himself for the paparazzi, Atlee made a stealthy attempt to enter the airport. It was during Atlee’s patient waiting that Salman became aware of the predicament. In addition to greeting the director, he alerted the guards that Atlee was present, making sure that Atlee was the first one to enter the building. Later, as they entered the airport together, the two individuals spoke to one another and smiled warmly at each other as they exchanged welcomes.

On the professional front, Salman is presently getting ready for his upcoming feature, “Sikander,” which will be his first collaboration with AR Murugaddoss, who is well known for his work on the film Ghajini.

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