India Condemns Moscow Terror Attack: A Call for Global Unity Against Terrorism


In a tragic turn of events, a large concert hall in Moscow fell victim to a brutal terrorist attack, leaving a trail of devastation and sorrow in its wake. As the world grapples with yet another act of senseless violence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India has unequivocally condemned the heinous act and expressed solidarity with the government and people of Russia in their time of mourning.

The terror attack, which unfolded with horrifying swiftness, saw terrorists unleashing a barrage of gunfire upon innocent concert-goers, resulting in the loss of more than 60 lives and leaving over 100 others wounded. The assailants, in a display of utter disregard for human life, also set fire to the venue, further exacerbating the chaos and carnage.



PM Modi responds to 'Aurangzeb' jibe 'Got the 104th abuse today.'

In the face of such appalling brutality, Prime Minister Modi wasted no time in extending India’s heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims, whose lives have been forever altered by this senseless act of violence. Through a statement shared on social media platform X, PM Modi affirmed India’s unwavering support for Russia and its people during this dark hour, emphasizing the need for global solidarity in the fight against terrorism.

“We strongly condemn the heinous terrorist attack in Moscow. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims,” Prime Minister Modi declared in his post on X, encapsulating the sentiments of a nation reeling from the shock of yet another terrorist atrocity.

India’s condemnation of the Moscow terror attack underscores the universal abhorrence towards terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. It serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for concerted international action to combat the scourge of terrorism and prevent further loss of innocent lives.

PM Modi responds to 'Aurangzeb' jibe 'Got the 104th abuse today.'

In the aftermath of the Moscow tragedy, the global community stands united in grief and solidarity, offering support and solace to the Russian Federation as it grapples with the aftermath of this cowardly act. The outpouring of condolences and expressions of solidarity from nations around the world reflects a collective resolve to stand against terrorism and uphold the values of peace, tolerance, and respect for human dignity.

As investigations into the Moscow terror attack unfold, it is imperative that the perpetrators of this heinous crime are brought to justice swiftly and decisively. The international community must work together to dismantle terrorist networks, disrupt their funding streams, and address the root causes of extremism to prevent future acts of terror.

PM Modi responds to 'Aurangzeb' jibe 'Got the 104th abuse today.'

Moreover, in the wake of such tragedies, it is incumbent upon nations to strengthen cooperation and intelligence-sharing mechanisms to enhance counter-terrorism efforts and safeguard global security. By fostering greater collaboration and coordination, the international community can effectively thwart terrorist threats and protect innocent lives.

In conclusion, India’s condemnation of the terror attack in Moscow underscores the nation’s unwavering commitment to combating terrorism and promoting peace and stability on the global stage. As the world mourns the lives lost in this senseless act of violence, let us reaffirm our collective resolve to stand united against terrorism in all its forms, ensuring that the ideals of peace, tolerance, and humanity prevail over hatred and extremism.



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