Karan Johar Takes Legal Action Over Film Using His Name

Johar Mumbai: Bollywood filmmaker and producer Karan Johar took legal action on Wednesday by suing the producers of the Hindi film “Shaadi ke Director Karan aur Johar,” asking the Bombay High Court to stop them from using his name in the title. Prior to its intended release on June 14, 2024, the film was named in the plea as requiring an immediate release stay before Justice RI Chagla’s bench. On Thursday, the bench will consider the plea. The filmmakers are being ordered to remove his name from the film’s title and to enter a permanent injunction and restraining order, according to the petition. The filmmakers are using Johar’s name in the title without his permission, according to Johar, who claims he is unrelated to the project.

Johar claimed that the film infringed his rights to privacy and publicity as it included his name in the title. He said the producers were taking advantage of his goodwill and reputation by using his “brand name” without his permission. Public spaces and social media have been flooded with posters and trailers for the film, which is due to be released on June 14, according to the lawsuit. According to Johar, these promotional materials were ruining his reputation and goodwill to the point where it was irretrievable. There has been and will be permanent harm done to Johar’s goodwill and reputation as a result of these posters and teasers. “Furthermore, the suit asserts that the release of the film containing his brand name ‘Karan Johar,’ in whole or in part, will result in the irreversible destruction of the goodwill and reputation that he has worked so hard to build,” the lawsuit continued.

Karan Johar Takes Legal Action Over Film Using His Name


Karan Johar, a famous filmmaker and producer, has lately taken a major step by suing a film that exploited his name in the title at the Bombay High Court. This lawsuit brings attention to the persistent problems with the entertainment industry’s exploitation of celebrity names and intellectual property rights.

The Legal Battle

Karan Johar, a prominent figure in Bollywood known for his successful films and television appearances, has expressed his concerns over a film that has used his name without permission. Johar’s legal team has filed a petition in the Bombay High Court seeking an injunction to prevent the film’s release or distribution under its current title.

The crux of Johar’s argument is that the unauthorized use of his name can mislead audiences into believing that he is associated with the film, thereby potentially affecting his reputation and brand. His lawyers have emphasized that Johar has not given any consent for his name to be used and that this act constitutes a violation of his personal and professional rights.

Intellectual Property and Celebrity Rights

This case brings to the forefront the broader issue of intellectual property and the protection of celebrity rights. In the entertainment industry, a celebrity’s name carries significant commercial value, and its misuse can lead to various legal complications. Johar’s decision to pursue legal action underscores the importance of protecting one’s name and brand from unauthorized exploitation.\

Karan Johar Takes Legal Action Over Film Using His Name

Industry Reactions

The industry has been watching this case closely, as it sets a precedent for how similar cases might be handled in the future. Several industry insiders have shown support for Johar, agreeing that protecting one’s name and reputation is crucial. They argue that the misuse of a celebrity’s name can have far-reaching implications, not only for the individual but also for the credibility of the industry as a whole.

Potential Impacts

If the court rules in favor of Johar, it could lead to stricter regulations and more stringent enforcement of intellectual property laws within the film industry. Filmmakers and producers might become more cautious about using any names, titles, or content that could potentially infringe on someone else’s rights. This could foster a more respectful and legally compliant environment in the creative sector.

Karan Johar Takes Legal Action Over Film Using His Name

The controversy began when Karan Johar discovered that a film was being marketed with his name in its title, leading to widespread speculation about his involvement. Johar, known for his influential production house Dharma Productions, quickly denied any association with the film. His legal team, led by prominent intellectual property rights lawyers, has argued that the use of Johar’s name without consent constitutes a clear case of trademark infringement and passing off.

Karan Johar’s Statement

In a statement released to the media, Johar expressed his dismay over the unauthorized use of his name. He emphasized the hard work and dedication he has put into building his brand over the years and how such actions undermine the integrity and trust he has cultivated with his audience. Johar stated, “It is disheartening to see my name being used without my knowledge or consent. I have always believed in fair practices and respect for intellectual property rights. This legal step is not just to protect my name but to set a precedent for safeguarding creative ownership in our industry.”

Industry Support

The Bollywood community has largely rallied behind Johar, recognizing the broader implications of his legal battle. Filmmakers, actors, and producers have voiced their support, stressing the importance of respecting intellectual property. Anurag Kashyap, a noted filmmaker, tweeted, “Intellectual property rights are sacrosanct. We must support Karan Johar in this fight to protect our creative domain.”

Legal Implications

The case brings to light the necessity of having robust legal frameworks to protect the rights of individuals in creative professions. If Johar wins the case, it could lead to more stringent checks and balances within the film industry. It might also encourage other celebrities and public figures to take a stand

Karan Johar Takes Legal Action Over Film Using His Name

against unauthorized use of their names and images, further reinforcing the importance of intellectual property rights.

Public Reaction

Public reaction to the case has been mixed. While many support Johar’s stance and understand the importance of protecting one’s brand, others see it as an overreaction. Social media platforms have been abuzz with discussions, with fans of Johar expressing solidarity and urging others to respect intellectual property laws.

The Broader Impact on Bollywood

This legal battle could serve as a wake-up call for the Bollywood industry. It highlights the need for production houses and filmmakers to be diligent about legal clearances and permissions, particularly when it involves the use of names, likenesses, or brands associated with well-known personalities. The outcome of this case might also lead to more comprehensive guidelines and industry standards for the use of celebrity names and brands.

Looking Forward

As the case proceeds in the Bombay High Court, all eyes are on the judicial system to see how it navigates the complexities of intellectual property rights in the entertainment industry. A ruling in Johar’s favor could set a significant precedent, reinforcing the importance of consent and respect in the use of a person’s name and brand. Regardless of the outcome, this case has already sparked crucial conversations about intellectual property and the protection of creative rights in Bollywood and beyond.


Karan Johar’s legal action against the unauthorized use of his name in a film title underscores the critical need for intellectual property rights in the entertainment industry. With industry support and a keen public eye on the proceedings, this case could pave the way for stronger legal protections for celebrities and their brands. As the legal battle unfolds, it serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting creative ownership and the potential consequences of neglecting intellectual property laws.


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