PM Modi To Reply To President’s Address In Lok Sabha Today

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to address the Lok Sabha at around 5 PM on Monday to respond to the ongoing debate on the Motion of Thanks on the President’s address. The discussion, which commenced on Friday, is scheduled to conclude on Monday.

In a statement released by the Prime Minister’s Office on X, it was announced that PM Modi will participate in the discussion on the Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address and share his perspective on various key issues facing the nation. The statement read, “At around 5 PM this evening, PM @narendramodi will speak in the Lok Sabha during the discussion on the Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address.”

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The Motion of Thanks is a significant parliamentary procedure where members express their views on the President’s address to the joint sitting of both houses of Parliament. It serves as an opportunity for Members of Parliament to discuss and debate the government’s policies, achievements, and future plans.

The debate, which spans several days, allows representatives from different political parties to voice their opinions on the current state of the country and propose suggestions for consideration. The Prime Minister’s response holds particular importance, as it provides insight into the government’s stance on various issues and outlines its vision for the future.

During this session, the Lok Sabha has witnessed a range of discussions covering topics such as economic policies, social welfare initiatives, foreign relations, and other matters of national importance. The diverse perspectives presented by members contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the prevailing challenges and opportunities facing the nation.

Prime Minister Modi’s address is anticipated to shed light on the government’s priorities and strategies for addressing the pressing issues raised during the Motion of Thanks debate. As the head of the government, his response is expected to articulate the administration’s commitment to addressing the concerns of the public and driving the country towards progress.

The timing of the Prime Minister’s address, set for 5 PM, is strategically chosen to ensure maximum visibility and engagement with the public. The speech is likely to be closely watched by citizens, political analysts, and members of the opposition, as it will provide insights into the government’s response to the critiques and suggestions put forth during the debate.

In conclusion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s participation in the Motion of Thanks debate and subsequent address holds significance in shaping the narrative of the government’s policies and actions. The outcome of this parliamentary discourse will influence public perception and contribute to the ongoing dialogue on the future trajectory of the nation. The eagerly awaited address at 5 PM is poised to provide clarity on the government’s stance and set the tone for future legislative proceedings.

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