Is Prithviraj Sukumaran Going to Be the Bad Guy in “SSMB29”?

With the release of his magnum opus, “RRR,” SS Rajamouli has received widespread recognition from around the world. He is now in the process of directing another blockbuster film, which is now in the works and is called “SSMB29.” This time around, Rajamouli is collaborating with Mahesh Babu, a superstar in the Telugu film industry, on an adventure action drama that has the potential to be a breathtaking cinematic extravaganza on a worldwide scale. As a result of the unprecedented success of ‘RRR,’ which propelled SS Rajamouli to the forefront of worldwide celebrity, the anticipation for his subsequent project has reached extremely high levels. Despite the fact that it has been two years since “RRR” was released in theaters, the filmmaker, who is renowned for his grandiose vision and engaging storytelling, has decided to cast Mahesh Babu in the role of his next protagonist. This decision has generated a buzz that is not going away.

The work that is being done in preparation for the film ‘SSMB29’ is currently in full swing. In order to make sure that this movie is better than anyone could have imagined, Rajamouli is not leaving any stone unturned. The movie is claimed to contain ground-breaking visuals and a compelling storyline, and it is rumored to be an adventure action drama that takes place in one of the most exotic locations in Africa, which is the African woodlands. The casting of Malayalam actor Prithviraj Sukumaran in the role of the film’s antagonist is a revelation that is noteworthy from the perspective of the film. With his role in the film “Salaar,” which he shared with Prabhas, Prithviraj has already established himself as a prominent figure in the Indian film business. He is known for his diverse acting skills. As a result of his presence in SSMB29 as the primary antagonist, expectations have been heightened even further.

Based on the reports, it appears that Rajamouli and Prithviraj have been having conversations for a considerable amount of time, and they have finally reached a consensus over the actor’s part in the film. As per the information provided by several sources, Prithviraj is going to play a character that is not merely a normal antagonist, but rather one that has a well-crafted history and a substantial progression. An intriguing new twist has been added to the hero-villain relationship, which promises a new perspective on the conflict between the two of them.

It is predicted that ‘SSMB29’ will be no different from Rajamouli’s other films, which are recognized for stretching the frontiers of Indian cinema. The movie is now being made at a budget of approximately one thousand crores of rupees, and it is expected to be released all over the world. Rajamouli has already begun discussions with production houses from around the world in order to guarantee that the movie would be produced on the massive scale that it merits. Mahesh Babu is anticipated to appear in the film in a completely different persona, and the film is frequently compared to the “Indiana Jones” series due to the fact that it has an adventurous premise. The famous actor is currently participating in specialized physical training and will be putting on a new appearance for the film. It has been claimed that the writing work has been finished, and the picture is expected to provide a combination of thrilling adventure, furious action, and spectacular graphics within its narrative. It has been predicted that filming will begin either in the fourth quarter of this year or at the beginning of 2025, although there has been no official confirmation of the dates that the casting will take place. The cast and crew of ‘SSMB29’ are being carefully chosen by Rajamouli in order to guarantee that the film would establish new standards for Indian cinema.

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